Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend by the numbers...

just 'cuz my last by the numbers post was such a fun and easy to way to post a re-cap, I thought I'd try it again.  Thankfully this weekend was a lot more fun to recall!   My Sonoran Birthday ....

Kiddos left behind in the care of some amazing friends and grandparents ~ 4
Delayed Flights ~ 2
Gate changes due to mechanical failures ~ 2

Moments of happiness when surfing, IMing, and facebooking with free in-flight wi-fi ~ at least 4
Meals of amazing authentic Mexican food ~ 2
Inches of snow accumulated in the Hinterland while we were gone ~ approx 17

Awesome neighbors who plowed our driveway of aforementioned snow and fed the kitty and the fish - 2
Awesome friends who are like family who cared for our kiddos for 2 days ~ 2
Awesome grandparents who cared for our kiddos for an overnight and one snow day ~ 2

Mornings spent sitting out by a pool in the glorious sunshine ~ 3
Hot breakfasts eaten that I didn't have to prepare ~ 3
Dishes washed by me ~ 0

Afternoon spent smiling at all the different kinds of cacti ~ 1
Kinds of cactus seen that I never knew existed ~ at least 15

New bits of information learned about tequila ~ at least 10
Number of different brands and/or variations of tequila tasted ~ 18
Hours spent smiling while watching RCPM doin' what they do best ~ 2
Birthday wishes/hugs/hand kisses from a Peacemaker ~ 3
Bottles of tequila stowed away in our luggage ~ 3
Broken bottles of tequila in our luggage ~ 0   

Kids missed and excited to see their mom and dad arrive home ~ 4
Memories of a lifetime ~ infinite

Monday, December 6, 2010

weekend by the numbers...

~ boy throwing up on himself in the car five minutes into our 90 minute drive to the Big city in a snowstorm - 1
~ swearing, cussing parents following said throw-up incident - 2
~ girls crying thinking we have to turn around and go back home and miss the gymnastics meet - 2
~ stress-filled miles driven on icy, snowy roads in the dark - 75
~ gymnastics meet barely arriving in time for - 1
~ moments of pride watching our girls compete in a big gymnastics meet - 8 (or more)
~ quiet afternoon spent with family - 1
~ amazing dinner of sushi and hibachi style steak and shrimp with good friends - 1
~ shot of patron - 1
~ one sakerita - 1 (japanese margarita) 
~ evening spent listening to some of Minnesota's finest musicians - 1
~ another round of boy throwing up - this time on the kitchen floor at 2am - 1
~ moments of misunderstanding and miscommunication between me and my Robot - too many to count
~ massive cold sore eruption - 1
~ one non-kissing goodbye at the airport (see above) - 1
~ kitty cat happy to have his people home - 1
~ tired, worn out momma - 1
~ missed Christmas party - 1
~ husband arrived safely to his destination - 1
~ kids tucked into bed - 4
~ quiet evening spent enjoying the glow of Christmas lights all by my lonesome-1 

If you add it all up, you get a weekend chock full of yuckiness with just a few moments of goodness to make it all worth it.   Such is life.


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