Thursday, August 25, 2011

a momma's heart...

Saw this on of those "re-post this if you agree" kinds of things...and I don't think I have ever re-posted any of them, but this one spoke to me today.  Since only one of my kiddos are actually on facebook, I will post it here (with a few additions) for my children to hopefully read someday and see inside my heart. 

I've made mistakes being a Mom, more than I'd like to admit.  I am not perfect at all.  But I will always be there for you, to hear you, to cheer for you, to laugh or cry with you, to pray with and for you, to protect you with my life.  I will tell you things you don't want to hear. I will love you forever, even when you think you don't like me.  No matter how old you get, I will be here.   NO ONE will ever love you more than I do, because I am your Mom.

Love you kiddos.  So very, very much.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Confession time...

One of my favorite bloggers, Kristen, over at We Are THAT Family wrote a "Confessions" post yesterday and asked us to play along.  So here goes.

I confess....

Sometimes I wish for a rainy day so I have an excuse to not nag my kids about it being too nice to be in the house.

Sometimes I make a to do list starting with things I’ve already done just for the satisfaction of crossing a few things off.

Sometimes I quickly do the dishes or rush around picking up the house just before my hubby gets home, lest he think I do nothing all day.

Sometimes I give my kids a piece of gum instead of having them brush their teeth before school.

Sometimes I have to tell my kids they need to find something to wear that doesn't look TOO dirty from their hampers because I am really behind in laundry.

Sometimes I way overreact with my kids.

Sometimes I underreact with my kids.

Sometimes we skip bedtime reading so that the day can just be over and I can have time to myself.

Sometimes I pretend to not see someone I know when I am out shopping because I'm not in the mood for chitchat.

Sometimes I spend way to much time on Facebook and reading blogs, and tell my kids that mommy has important emails to send.

Your turn.  
Go ahead, it feels good.

Sometimes I...


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