I am...
the wife of a man who inspires me, mom of four pretty terrific kids (who make me often want to poke my own eyes out), daughter, sister, friend and a believer in the amazing grace of Jesus.  
My Robot and I have been married since 1993 (but known each other since 1986!)

I spend my days as the Chief Chaos Officer of my busy family, tooling around town in an SUV, feebly maintaining our home, volunteering, singing too loud in the car, leading worship, meal planning, reading, napping, blogging, surfing the web and trying to live more healthily. I am passionate about helping youth who find themselves at risk of homelessness.

Our home is filled with laughter, squabbling, music, lots of "screen", dishes in the sink, endless laundry, crumbs on the floor, fingerprints on the windows, kid's art on the walls, piles of things I don't know how to get rid of, and prayers of thankfulness to my Heavenly Father for blessing me in ways I can't begin to comprehend.

Contact me at 1and1makes6[at]gmail.com

Meet my family...

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