Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a good...then bad...then good again kinda day...

1. up at a decent hour - slept in a bit, but not so late that I was feeling neglectful of my children who had been up since who knows when. ahem.
2. two loads of laundry done! They do still need to be folded tho so technically not ALL the way done.
3. making lefse with my dad. He has been making lefse for Christmas for as long as I can remember, and he makes GOOD lefse! I told him he needed to teach me one fo these years - so I offered to do it here at my house this time so he could show me the ropes - 5 lbs of flour and all. It was fun, I didn't turn too many pieces into "rejects" and it was fun to hang out with my dad watching him at something he's so good at it.
4. angry momma (not to be confused with her evil twin, raging lunatic mother) reared her head only a couple of times today - the kids just seemed to be in that state where they had to be nit-pickin and buggin each other..esp when it was time to leave the house.
5. had to steam clean a carpet - the family room - after redder than red kool-aid was spilled. Now dont' get me wrong, I love me a chance to do a little carpet cleaning...but it wasn't on the "official" agenda for the day so now I am a little behind being ready for our guests tomorrow.
6. late getting Coleo(11) to drum lessons - and then realized (because of the aforementioned difficulty of getting my crew of 4 out the door in a timely manner) that we forgot somethign at home we needed later in the evening so had to go back home while he was drummin. I hate wasted trips/gas back and forth across town. And then realized after the first trip hoem that I still didn't have my cell phone on me. arrgh.
7. Dropped Coleo off at the wal-mart clear across town to do a little Salvation Army bell ringin with the middle school boys from church - no small feat considering it was below zero temps and even farther below zero wind chill....I was porud of him for wanting to do it.
8. Dinner out with the Hubs and the 3 littles (Wren and Jules 7 1/2- and Jax 5)
9. Off to the Dollar store so the 3 littles could buy each other and dad gifts - a tradition we've started to help them understand this season is not all about "getting".
10. Then off to church for the best part of the day - band practice for our Christmas eve service....I get to sing with two other gals and oooWee do we sound good!! I'm just sayin'. Normally the 3 of us sing with different bands and this is the first time we've all been singing together and man was it fun!
11. The dreaded part of the day...a (very) late night wal-mart run....stocking up on essentials plus holiday menu food....and then pushing two carts thru the parking lot IN THE BLOWING SNOW! ugh..but the Hubs was most wonderful to stay up and help me unload from the car and then put stuff away. Then we sat for a few minutes together enjoying a piece of lefse and a hot cocoa before he headed up to bed.....and I am S'POSED to be searching for a veggie lasagna recipe....so I better get to it!

We are hosting the Hubs family tomorrow for our Christmas with them...should be a nice time together - hoping the weather behaves itself for their drive down.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

so now what...

do I do? It only took me 6 months to work up the courage to actually create this thing...and had that first post written for about 6 months...and then it only took another 2 hours to edit and tweak it before I had the courage to hit "publish" last night! What have I done? And I am supposed to come up with something witty/ clever/poignant everyday?

Here goes. We had a great morning at church. It blizzarded all day yesterday and then got wicked cold last night. We were anxious about whether church would be called off. Every third week the worship band that I sing with and the Hubs plays guitar in is "on". This was our week. We are supposed to show up about 7:15am (that's still o'dark hundred hours in my world) for rehearsal and run-thrus of the service. (I'll post a full explanation about our wacky church ways another time). We got a call from our worship and arts pastor saying to just get there when we could, but that church was still on despite the insanely cold and near blizzard conditions. Let me just say that the Hubs was not looking forward to waking up an extra 45 minutes early to snow- blow the driveway-our 300 ft long driveway. Even tho we love our church and we love serving on the band - we woke up at really o'dark hundred hours, secretly hoping we'd find an email saying that church was in fact canceled. But that was not to be. So the hubs was up and sno-blowing the drifts by 7:15 in the cold! -40 windchill! That's crazy cold!! But we got ourselves to church (after jumpstarting the van) and had a really good morning overall. We had to commend the few brave souls who made it to the 9:15 service and the slightly larger crowd for the 2nd service.

So today's message was titled "Shepherding Interrupted" - the shepherds of the Christmas story who's ordinary lives were interrupted one silent night to be told of the birth of the Savior in the most glorious way. The "what's in it for me" was this; am I allowing God to interrupt me? How do I respond to his interruptions? Okay. So I am not real good at allowing for God's interruptions - whether it be to take action or to slow down. I am a bit of a control freak and I like to do things my way, in my time, although most of the time even tho I think I am in control, I'm not. My prayer for this week and beyond - especially among the busy-ness of the season, is to be mindful of God's attempts to interrupt and that I might choose to respond.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My First Blog

A blog from a self-confessed dotcom junkie. I love to google things ~ mostly random information. I am capable of spending way too much time sitting at my laptop. It’s even been to Mexico with me twice! I’m not a gamer, but have discovered the joy of watching my favorite shows online whenever I please and without worrying whether or not I got the VCR (yes we still use a VCR...no cable/DVR in our house) set correctly. My 'puter is my connection to the outside world. I just joined Facebook and am a complete addict. There are also a few message boards I can be found lurking on…and then there’s blogs.

I love me a good blog. I have a long list of blogs that I have been lurking on for over a year now. But I have to admit, I didn’t really understand the point of them for a long time. I know lots of IRL friends who blog. But, truthfully it seemed rather self-absorbed really. I mean, it’s awfully arrogant on anyone’s part to think that the world would want to read about another person’s life, day in and day out.  But then I started reading them and then a few more, and then even more, and now I have a whole slew of blogs I read everyday that are written by women who seem to be just like me…and I get it!!

And then I thought “Hey, I want to do this too!” I do. But can I? I am a little nervous about it, and fear my posts being terribly un-profound and uninspiring and boring (to the readers) and fear regularly coming up with nothing interesting to blog about, at least compared to all the wonderful blogs I follow. Who really cares about what I have to say anyway? Well, here's my goal.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

I think (hope and pray!) the “accountability” of this blog will help me stop, examine, appreciate, and enjoy this life God has blessed me with just a little bit more; the live-life-more-purposefully and stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of moments. And I hope to document it here for myself mostly, then for my children, and then for whoever comes along for the ride.

So…here goes! I can't promise to be profound; I can't promise inspiration. Heck, I can't even promise to be very funny. What I can promise is that I'll share the mostly ordinary and occasional extraordinary moments of my life as a wife and mom. I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly with you. I do pray though, that there will be more good than anything else. Enjoy.


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