Sunday, December 21, 2008

so now what...

do I do? It only took me 6 months to work up the courage to actually create this thing...and had that first post written for about 6 months...and then it only took another 2 hours to edit and tweak it before I had the courage to hit "publish" last night! What have I done? And I am supposed to come up with something witty/ clever/poignant everyday?

Here goes. We had a great morning at church. It blizzarded all day yesterday and then got wicked cold last night. We were anxious about whether church would be called off. Every third week the worship band that I sing with and the Hubs plays guitar in is "on". This was our week. We are supposed to show up about 7:15am (that's still o'dark hundred hours in my world) for rehearsal and run-thrus of the service. (I'll post a full explanation about our wacky church ways another time). We got a call from our worship and arts pastor saying to just get there when we could, but that church was still on despite the insanely cold and near blizzard conditions. Let me just say that the Hubs was not looking forward to waking up an extra 45 minutes early to snow- blow the driveway-our 300 ft long driveway. Even tho we love our church and we love serving on the band - we woke up at really o'dark hundred hours, secretly hoping we'd find an email saying that church was in fact canceled. But that was not to be. So the hubs was up and sno-blowing the drifts by 7:15 in the cold! -40 windchill! That's crazy cold!! But we got ourselves to church (after jumpstarting the van) and had a really good morning overall. We had to commend the few brave souls who made it to the 9:15 service and the slightly larger crowd for the 2nd service.

So today's message was titled "Shepherding Interrupted" - the shepherds of the Christmas story who's ordinary lives were interrupted one silent night to be told of the birth of the Savior in the most glorious way. The "what's in it for me" was this; am I allowing God to interrupt me? How do I respond to his interruptions? Okay. So I am not real good at allowing for God's interruptions - whether it be to take action or to slow down. I am a bit of a control freak and I like to do things my way, in my time, although most of the time even tho I think I am in control, I'm not. My prayer for this week and beyond - especially among the busy-ness of the season, is to be mindful of God's attempts to interrupt and that I might choose to respond.

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Jody said...

You did it! You did it! I almost fell off my chair....well, actually I did, but then I got myself back up, sat down and read away. Loved your posts! Way to jump in with both feet and even get wet!

Hope you are staying warm! I'm proud of you!

Love Jod


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