Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday....

1. my husband coming home today
2. an early morning rainbow
3. the rain-soaked smell of spring
4. blooming trees
5. three mornings at home all in the same week
6. the chance to steal away this weekend for a fun MOMs convention
7. My mom and dad being back home here in the Hinterland

Friday, April 2, 2010

O Calvary...

On Calv’ry’s brow my Savior died,
and there my Lord was crucified
There on the cross He bled for me,
and purchased there my pardon free

Mid rending rocks and dark’ning skies,
my Savior bows His head and dies
The op’ning veil reveals the way
to heaven’s joys and endless day

O Jesus, Lord, how can it be,
that You would give Your life for me,
To bear the cross and agony,
in that dread hour on Calvary
O Calvary!  Dark Calvary!  Where Jesus shed His blood for me
O Calvary!  Blest Calvary!  Was where my Savior died for me


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