Friday, April 2, 2010

O Calvary...

On Calv’ry’s brow my Savior died,
and there my Lord was crucified
There on the cross He bled for me,
and purchased there my pardon free

Mid rending rocks and dark’ning skies,
my Savior bows His head and dies
The op’ning veil reveals the way
to heaven’s joys and endless day

O Jesus, Lord, how can it be,
that You would give Your life for me,
To bear the cross and agony,
in that dread hour on Calvary
O Calvary!  Dark Calvary!  Where Jesus shed His blood for me
O Calvary!  Blest Calvary!  Was where my Savior died for me

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Brianna said...

Hey Karyn! I randomly got to your blog through Cheri's and I read some back posts about your Cole. It just broke my heart to hear about the issues he's having. I can't imagine how awful he feels. How tough. I'm so glad that God created Cole just the way he is and with an incredible amount of worth. I really hope and will say a prayer that God sends a friend to Cole who sees Cole just how you and God see him. Cole is lucky to have the parents he has and I totally feel ya on the phone call stuff. I cried on a phone call to the dentist when I had to confront them about a over-due payment that I was unaware of, haha. I can't imagine how much harder it would be to have to make a phone call to stand up for your kids. Hang in there! Hopefully this is not overly random of me to write to you!
PS: I had NO real school friends in 6th/7th grade and remember feeling so alone, then our boundaries got changed and I made some great friends in 8th that stuck with me through high school, so ya never know what'll happen.


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