Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bootcamp Insanity...

So, I am not losing the weight that I had hoped by adding a fairly intense work-out to my life. Bootcamp is great; I really enjoy the trainers and the camaraderie of all the women there. But I am frustrated by my lack of "results".

They keep saying that nutrition is just as, if not more important that the exercise itself. Which I don't' get. I have lost and kept off 13 lbs since August 2007 (and that's thru two holiday seasons as well - which they say the average person gains 3-5 lbs the way I figure I have really kept off closer to 20 lbs at least!) I know what I need to eat and what I shouldn't eat in order to lose weight. I've done that. The one thing I hadn't done was to incorporate the fitness side of things until now - and I was hoping to really jump start things again with this.

With each session of bootcamp, we have had a 1 hour conference call covering the importance of nutrition and how to maximize your results. And it's all well and good, if I was single and wasn't feeding a family of six, 3 meals and 2 snacks a day most days of the week. The way they suggest we eat to see fast results just isn't feasible or practical for me. I can't cook one thing for my family to eat, and then sit down with a bowl of brown rice and cottage cheese for myself. I don't believe that sets a good example for my children, and I don't believe it sets me up for success in the long run in learning how to make better food choices and controlling portion sizes eating REAL food each day.

I have made lots of little changes like ground turkey instead of beef, whole wheat pasta and brown rice instead of white and we have always only eaten whole wheat bread. I am eating a high protein breakfast nearly everyday, I have stopped much of my late night snacking, and have for the most part eliminated drinking diet soda (except when we eat out...a girl's gotta live a little)

I recently friended the owner/lead trainer of Bootcamp on Facebook, and my status that morning said "...just endured another butt-kickin bootcamp in the gloom and fog...but wished she were seeing faster results." And he came back that afternoon and commented that he is here to help me and I need to send him my "eating plan" and he'll critique it and give me feedback about how to change it improve on it in order to see faster results. I don't want that, mostly because of the reasons I stated above. While I believe I would be losing more weight and doing it faster, I don't believe that kind of eating is sustainable (or enjoyable for that matter) for the long haul so why bother?

I AM seeing my clothes fitting a little more loosely, people are commenting on my appearance, but the number on the scale hasn't really moved at all in 7 weeks and that's SO frustrating. I keep telling myself that I am just converting fat to muscle and muscle is heavier by volume than fat,
so I won't see that number go down much for now at least, but will see it in how I feel and look, and I do. But man, I wish I was seeing THAT number go down just a little faster. The hardest part is the "dollar per pound" return. That's not so good right now. Maybe in August I can kick up a little more and actually drop some serious poundage and make this whole bootcamp insanity really worth it all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random thots...

from the Hinterland. All is well, we're just plugging along, busy weekends, but not so busy weekdays. Here are a few bits of randomness....

I am overwhelmed by some of the recent posts on blogs that I frequent about the food we do eat, shouldn't eat and should eat. Things I've learned? (which all pretty much contradict everything that today's food industry, dietitians and nutritionists tell us).

Saturated fats are good for you.
Poly and mono unsaturated fats are bad, bad, bad.
Skim milk bad - whole milk good. Raw milk from grass fed cows - even better.
Anything that is pasteurized and even worse, homogenized, is the last thing you want to ingest.
Anything with High Frustose Corn Syrup bad. (Do you know the sheer volume of foods that have HCFS listed as one of the first 5 ingredients??)
Boxed cereals bad.
Commercial yogurts bad.

Frankly, it's all making my head spin, I don't know where or how to start making changes, but know I definitely want need to research more.

I'm not sure where summer went. Our daytime temps haven't been above 63 since Wednesday and we are on day 3 of solid's downright cold and gloomy.

I am still getting my trashed kicked (I stole that phrase from one of my favorite bloggers!) three days a week at bootcamp. We've had some really fun workouts, lots of variety to keep things interesting. Hoping to drop at least one pants size by the end of this month.

Overall, this week was cranky Momma week. Felt like the kids and I were never on the same page, I nagged and ragged, they pushed and snipped at me and each other. It all came to a head when this happened....

Thursday was our worship band practice night. The Hubs usually just stays late at work and we meet there. This week, we made plans to meet at church at 6:15 to have dinner together (subway...klassy I know), which would require me to leave by 6. I was already running a little behind when my parents showed up at 5:50 to show off their new car, just as I was trying to get the kids some dinner, get them all settled and lay down the law (Coleo is now babysitting for our summertime band practices) and get myself out the door. Ack! Well at 6:15 I finally walked out the door. I leave, get all the way up onto the highway and realize that I forgot to pack all of Greg's gear. So I had to drive another 2 miles up to first exit where I can turn around. ARRGGHHH! I was SO mad at myself for forgetting, mad at my parents for showing up and getting me all frazzled and distracted and mad at Greg for making me be his "roadie". And sa
d that our attempts to have even a few minutes together was shot. I was NOT a happy lady at all. I got back home, loaded his gear and started off again.

By this time I am mad and crying and I even screamed out loud in the car. I revved the engine a little harder than I should have. I turned up some music really loud, said a little prayer for a major attitude adjustment and got myself up to church. It was not the way I ever want to feel before stepping into my role as worship leader. Plus we had three guys subbing for our regular players so it was just a trying night all around. We ended up having a good practice, but I think I was still a little off all night. Oh well.

Yesterday the girls had a playdate with a friend so the boys and I went and had fun together. Coleo had some old PS2 games he wanted to trade in at Gamestop, and they had a sale on used games, buy 2 get 1 we had fun picking out some new DS and Wii games we can all enjoy. All of my kiddos are jazzed when the momma gets generous with random acts of shopping. Retail therapy at it's finest. We treated the kids to a local Mexican place for dinner as a "farewell" sendoff for Coleo going to camp. And we did have a great time there too. We even splurged and split a couple of desserts! Our kiddos are also jazzed when it comes to getting dessert. ;-)

This morning we sent Coleo off to camp for the very first time. He'll be gone until Friday evening at a camp 5 hours away. We aven't had a lot of success when it come to sleepovers with him in the past, but we've really seen him turn a corner over the past month or so in his self-control, and maturity, even going to bed all by himself without needing a "tuck-in" from one of us. At first he didn't want to go to camp back in May when registration began, but then our Youth Pastor asked again, just a few weeks ago during the last week of registration to see if he would maybe re-consider, and to all our surprise he said yes! I am so nervous for him, but know he's going to have a great week (praying for no homesickness!)

>insert thought provoking or otherwise witty conclusion here<

that's all I've got.

Monday, July 6, 2009

weekend delights...

Our "holiday weekend" began Thursday night - as The Hubs had Friday off. Here's a quick recap...

Thursday - dinner with new friends. Wonderful food, great conversations getting to know each other. They were wonderful hosts, in a beautiful and comfortable home, weather on the backyard deck was perfect and kids all had a blast.

Friday - The hubs and I got ourselves up and out the door for a walk/run. That felt good. The rest of the day was spent playing and relaxing. Friday night, we attended Freedom Fest with my parents, a community outreach event at an area church with music, food vendors, "inflatables" for jumping/sliding fun, a little drizzly rain, and impressive July 4th Eve fireworks show.

Saturday - An annual 4th of July pool party at our friends the B's, such gracious hosts, beautiful setting, a pool filled with kiddos, an abundance of tempting foods. The weather was a little drizzly on and off all day, but didn't bother the swimmers at all. The evening turned into an impromptu pizza party at the C's house along with the O's, before heading out for fireworks together. The sun came out, clouds cleared out. We found a great parking spot, only had to walk a couple blocks for perfect viewing of another fun firework spectacle.
I was wise and picked up a whole mess of glo-necklaces at the dollar spot in Target last weekend - so all the kids all got to share in the fun of those without breaking the bank.

Sunday - we all slept in after 3 straight nights of 11pm bedtimes - uffdah! (except for The Hubs who was subbing in the worship band so he had to go in early.) But I was up and treated the kids to cinnamon rolls and eggs and watched the start of the Wimbledon Men's Final between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. Amazing tennis. Kids and I left for church. Excellent service and message. Home from church. Ala carte lunch. Watched the rest of the tennis match via video. Perfect weather for relaxing and just "being" after such a busy few days. Pulled together another impromptu dinner with the C's and my parents - grilling out and ended the weekend with a bonfire and some redneck "MN legal" fireworks on the driveway.



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