Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bootcamp Insanity...

So, I am not losing the weight that I had hoped by adding a fairly intense work-out to my life. Bootcamp is great; I really enjoy the trainers and the camaraderie of all the women there. But I am frustrated by my lack of "results".

They keep saying that nutrition is just as, if not more important that the exercise itself. Which I don't' get. I have lost and kept off 13 lbs since August 2007 (and that's thru two holiday seasons as well - which they say the average person gains 3-5 lbs the way I figure I have really kept off closer to 20 lbs at least!) I know what I need to eat and what I shouldn't eat in order to lose weight. I've done that. The one thing I hadn't done was to incorporate the fitness side of things until now - and I was hoping to really jump start things again with this.

With each session of bootcamp, we have had a 1 hour conference call covering the importance of nutrition and how to maximize your results. And it's all well and good, if I was single and wasn't feeding a family of six, 3 meals and 2 snacks a day most days of the week. The way they suggest we eat to see fast results just isn't feasible or practical for me. I can't cook one thing for my family to eat, and then sit down with a bowl of brown rice and cottage cheese for myself. I don't believe that sets a good example for my children, and I don't believe it sets me up for success in the long run in learning how to make better food choices and controlling portion sizes eating REAL food each day.

I have made lots of little changes like ground turkey instead of beef, whole wheat pasta and brown rice instead of white and we have always only eaten whole wheat bread. I am eating a high protein breakfast nearly everyday, I have stopped much of my late night snacking, and have for the most part eliminated drinking diet soda (except when we eat out...a girl's gotta live a little)

I recently friended the owner/lead trainer of Bootcamp on Facebook, and my status that morning said "...just endured another butt-kickin bootcamp in the gloom and fog...but wished she were seeing faster results." And he came back that afternoon and commented that he is here to help me and I need to send him my "eating plan" and he'll critique it and give me feedback about how to change it improve on it in order to see faster results. I don't want that, mostly because of the reasons I stated above. While I believe I would be losing more weight and doing it faster, I don't believe that kind of eating is sustainable (or enjoyable for that matter) for the long haul so why bother?

I AM seeing my clothes fitting a little more loosely, people are commenting on my appearance, but the number on the scale hasn't really moved at all in 7 weeks and that's SO frustrating. I keep telling myself that I am just converting fat to muscle and muscle is heavier by volume than fat,
so I won't see that number go down much for now at least, but will see it in how I feel and look, and I do. But man, I wish I was seeing THAT number go down just a little faster. The hardest part is the "dollar per pound" return. That's not so good right now. Maybe in August I can kick up a little more and actually drop some serious poundage and make this whole bootcamp insanity really worth it all.

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