Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Merry (Pensive) Christmas…

Christmas 2010...
…came and went in a blink. (I have always had a difficult time wrapping my head around a holiday that takes four full weeks to prepare for and is “over” in under 24 hours ...and this year seemed worse than ever)

…was very different from our Christmases of the past 10 years. 
(we didn’t host anyone and I didn’t have to prep a menu or cook or clean)

…still wasn’t what I picture in my head of what I wish Christmas could be. (or should be?) (
decorations were put up, songs were sung, food was eaten, gifts were exchanged, stockings were hung and filled....Shouldn't it be more?)

…was enjoyed by my children.
(we surprised them with a PS3 – half paid for by our oldest with money he's saved for over a year –and they actually liked the clothes I bought, and the other fun things under the tree)

…was something I was never fully able to embrace this year. ((sigh))

What didn’t happen this year?  
Cards weren’t sent, very few photos were taken, cookies weren’t made, carols weren’t really sung, the Christmas story (from the Bible) wasn’t read, a letter to Santa didn’t even get written and no cookies were left out for him.  Our yummy Christmas Morning Marshmallow Crescent rolls weren't made. No festive parties were attended or hosted, and no one outside of my family saw any of my decor. My shopping for gifts was still occurring the morning of the 24th...so I even failed to plan very well.

Singing in our Christmas Eve service...(sort of)  
Stopping by some dear friends for a Christmas Eve open house...so warm, inviting and cozy.  I dream of hosting something like that some year...
Watching our children open the gifts they bought for each other from the Dollar Tree.  One of my most favorite traditions. 
Attending the Bella Voce Young Women's Choir concert - it was heavenly and is definitely becoming a tradition. 

And now it’s January.   Most of the around the house decor is put away (but sadly the tree is still up awaiting the kids help to put away their ornaments)  I have kept things up partly because I always keep them up 'til the day the kids go back to school, but partly to just stretch things out a bit longer.  I have no real point to this post, no moral of the story or lesson I've learned...I simply wanted to document it in hopes that maybe perhaps next Christmas can be different. 


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