Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our girls....

just wanted to share this a wee little video of our not-so-little girlies (in blue and white) at gymnastics the other night...

They love gymnastics more than I ever thought possible. We did one year of dance (tap and ballet) last year, and while I think they enjoyed it, I don't think they LOVED it. Even tho Wren can often be seen found flitting about the house like a little butterfly at any given time.

But gymnastics, whoo wee do they love. it. After their first one hour session, they were begging to be signed up to go more than one day a week. We said no, let's just start with this and see where it goes.

After their third week, they were invited to join "pre-team" training. The Proud Momma in me took this to mean that they see some potential and we should begin saving up for living away from home for future Olympic training. The Cynical Momma in me took this to mean that the gym just wanted to get a little more $$ of out us.

But who am I to say no to my potential Olympians?
Especially when they love it oh so much.

So they are now "training" 2 days a week after school for an hour at time. If they had their way, they would be there everyday. By June, we could be expected to have them training up to 8 hours a week. Uffdah....we'll cross that proverbial bridge when we come to it.

They just love it. And in watching them, I do truly think they have great potential. But think I can safely hold off, at least a couple of years, before I need to make space on the mantel for any gold medals.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 years ago...

this sweet baby boy came into our lives.

J oyful
A ctive

C limber
K utie-pie

W onderful
I ntelligent
L oving
L uscious

I nteresting
A mazing
M agical

He completed our family and made us a family of 6.

He is free-spirited and goofy, filled with noise, loves to climb and jump, discover all things creepy crawly, wrestling with his brother, playing video games, hanging with his sisters, watching PBS, cutting and pasting, McDonald's cheeseburgers and mac-n-cheese, being a good friend, snuggling with mom, helping dad and can't sleep without his favorite stuffed and very (very) well-loved puppy tucked under his chin.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy!

e love you so much!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heart's Cry

Here's a blog post I happened upon the other day that scratched at the surface of a not so old wound... What's ironic was just a few days before reading that post, I was thinking back to this time last year when I was on my way to discovering what I thought was an answer to prayer in this area of authentic friendship...and then almost as quickly, it was gone. I gave of my time, my heart, my listening ears (so hard for me!); I poured myself into it. And then was told I was someone she couldn't trust because she "hardly knew me". eh?? We tried again, and she pretty much went AWOL on me. I decided I was done trying and that if friendship was truly what she wanted, I'd hear from her. So I waited. And...nothin. nada. Why is it so hard for grown women to build and grow in authentic friendship? After last years' hurt, I truly doubted my own "friend-ability". But now reading this, and all the comments that followed, I know it's pervasive and it's NOT just me. What do you think?


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