Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 years ago...

this sweet baby boy came into our lives.

J oyful
A ctive

C limber
K utie-pie

W onderful
I ntelligent
L oving
L uscious

I nteresting
A mazing
M agical

He completed our family and made us a family of 6.

He is free-spirited and goofy, filled with noise, loves to climb and jump, discover all things creepy crawly, wrestling with his brother, playing video games, hanging with his sisters, watching PBS, cutting and pasting, McDonald's cheeseburgers and mac-n-cheese, being a good friend, snuggling with mom, helping dad and can't sleep without his favorite stuffed and very (very) well-loved puppy tucked under his chin.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy!

e love you so much!

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GregHint said...

Beautiful Karyn. What I enjoy so much is to see how he really is moms boy. I'll do in a pinch but he really prefers you...and that's awesome.

Even more is that you help him explore his world.

Your patience with him is amazing. You've realized that convincing him rather than forcing him towards a decision makes him much happier.

Thank YOU for such a wonderful boy.

P.S. I love being in this equation with you.


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