Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday ~ Thanksgiving edition

Today I am thankful

...for a comfortable albeit chaotic home that can host my whole family, 

...a new oven, and my first-ever turkey that turned out nearly perfect.  

...for a newly discovered pinot grigio that was super cheap at Trader Joes. 

...for music, parades and the tears I shed while watching marching bands and the Rockettes.  

...for family and friends-old and new.  

...for good health, even though I so easily neglect daily habits that I know would help keep me healthy. 

...for my amazing husband who washed every dish in the sink on Thanksgiving Day. (and most other days)   

...for all the other grownups in my children's lives -teachers, coaches, youth leaders, friend's parents who love them like their own.  

…for a God who doesn't give up on me even when I can so easily go a whole day without acknowledging Him. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

quotables from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"...

Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker. ~Linus

I don't mind your dishonesty half as much as I mind your opinion of me.  ~Charlie Brown 

You must have been put on the wrong list.  ~Lucy

I got a rock.  ~ Charlie Brown

I have a reputation to think of you know.  ~Sally

Well, that's nothing compared to the fury of a woman who has been cheated out of trick-or-treats.  ~Linus

There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: Religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin. ~Linus

A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.  ~ Lucy

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

things I learned in August...

going for it again...

1. I am learning I really need to start a draft of this at the beginning of the month so I have a place to keep track of the things I learned throughout the month. ahem.

2.  When you start dreaming and shopping for things that cost a lot of money (i.e. new appliances), and then start buying those things...lots of other things go wrong that can cost a lot more money to fix (i.e. car repairs, wet basements) 

3.  I need to figure out how to be a better friend.    I have a set of people that I realize I have done a pretty lousy job of being a good friend to, and I miss them.  Being a good friend is HARD!!  It's takes time and investment and being selfless.    I blame my busy life but isn't everyone busy?   Turns out I think I am just lazy and selfish.   And now I am scared.  Reaching out means they could say too little too late, and that's scary.  But I need to send that email, or message on FB, or pick up the phone.  I pray they will give me a second chance.   

4.  On this same note, per my past "things I learned" posts, I am realizing that not everyone appreciates me or my contributions to this world and I am finally deciding that that’s okay. I am learning that I can't be everyone’s favorite or best friend.  I want to be liked, well thought of, and loved, who doesn't?   This is especially true when I see women I know and like having fun together on Facebook (I hate how much that bothers me).   I just need to be at peace with it all, be myself, and not worry; be true to who I am and the right people will be there (right?) 

5. The older you get the faster time flies.  It is seriously the first week of September?  I was JUST shoveling snow in March (and April and May).  And here we are starting school again. uff.dah.   Someone please tell me how to slow this high speed train of life down??

6. I love reunions.  I was delighted to be a part of the committee to plan our 25th Class reunion.  Love being valued and appreciated, love contributing and mostly love getting to know a whole new group of people.  I love seeing people re-connect and it makes for great people watching. 

7. Still love this puppy girl, even when all she wants to do is bark her fool head off...but I certainly couldn't post without a photo of her! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

right now ramblings....

I hate it when my family is every which way but together.  At this moment - my robot and oldest are on their way to very north of the Hinterland for a 4 day canoe trip.  Roughin' it at its best (not in a million gajillionty years would I ever do this).   My puppy girl is at a friend's house; the smallest of the small ones will spend Thursday and Friday at ANOTHER friend's house, and the girlies and I will head to a neighboring state for a 2 day gymnastics camp.  ack.   It's bad enough when the hubs travels and I am left home flying solo with 4 kids and a dog and a cat. and a fish.  But this??  I hate this separation crap. I am a big baby. 

I need to stop caring about stuff I no longer need to care about.   When a very small group of supposed grown women make it clear that I am no longer "needed", that my contributions are not valued, and my history and knowledge are no longer appreciated,  I need to walk away.  Why the hell is it so hard to just.walk.away?   12 years that's why.  But it's no longer the group it once was.  It's filled with pettiness and cliques and immaturity, vying for importance and power and drinking - so much drinking.  I don't get it!!!!   But I gotta figure this one out and quick if I am gonna stay sane tho.   Every time I think about it, my stomach gets all gnarled and that cannot be good for me. I seriously need to let this go and find something new to pour my gifts/talents/energy into where I can find value and love again.   

I love my little puppy girl more than I ever thought possible.  Uffdah. It's bad. 

Some dear friends just experienced a lay off - from the same company my husband works for.   So hard.  Why him?  Why not hubs?  And what the blazes would we do if he had been one of the 20% that were "resourced" out?  

ok...that's it.   I wish I was more eloquent, could see the "lesson" or moral of the story in any of this - but it helps to just write with hopes it will clear my head of it all.  

Except for that puppy girl....need to fill up with more of her.  I mean seriously...would you just look at her?  

you're welcome.

Friday, June 7, 2013

things I learned in May...

gonna try this one again since it made for an easy post last month...ahem. 

1.  I am pretty certain I would never survive as a working full-time mom ever again. I recently worked three days; my house was a mess - I didn't cook a single meal - kids were wearing their cleanest dirty clothes - I missed my husband, and I felt like I hadn't hugged my kids in a week.  I am not ashamed to admit I am a well-kept woman (aka blessed to be a SAHM) and love that my time is mostly my own, esp with all 4 kiddos in school full-time.  I have the utmost respect for any momma out there that is juggling home and full-time work all at the same time....bended knee to you.   

2. The end of school cannot come soon enough.  can.not.   Here's another lovely lady's take on things...
and another....

3.  It needs to stop raining.   We had only 5 days in the entire month of May that did not involve some kind of precipitation.   5 days out 31.  I am not a math person but them ain't such good percentages.  

4.  Appliance shopping is mind-boggling! So many choices  - so similar yet so different, so many reviews and opinions.  I fear for when we start looking at countertops.    ACK!

5. Sunshine, birds chirping, Caribou vanilla zebra mocha, along with a little impromptu garage-saleing with a dear friend is just plain good for the soul. 

6. I am still and forever a nail-biter. While this isn't something I have actually "learned" it's time to realize that I have been and always will be.   I can go years at a time and be fine and then one becomes ragged or weak and away I go chewing and picking at every little raggedy edge.    I am currently chewing 4 of them.... the index and middle fingers on both hands.  I hate it about myself.  hate. it. It will take my months (or longer) to "get it out of my system" and be able to let them start growing again.    And yup, I have tried every method to "stop".... 

7.  I love (LOVE) Caribou coffee.  Specifically, vanilla white/dark(zebra) mochas.  I don't drink "coffee" but I do drink this.  Just the thought of maybe getting one can totally make my day.   Especially if it means a date with my husband or a friend...and especially when they treat me with a few extra beans.  Isn't it lovely?

Now if they could only make them zero calorie.   hmmmmm.... 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

things I learned in april...

So it's been over 4 months now since I last posted...came across an interesting post idea from one of my favorite bloggers....thought I'd play along...

Things I learned in April

1. Puppy love is awesome.  Not the mushy teenage kind.   So many lessons wrapped up in this bundle of fur and energy.    
This is 6 1/2 mo old Orchid Jane Isabelle. we love her.

2.  I am too old and life is too short to try to get certain people to like you. But it's painful to realize an entire group of supposedly grown-up women, some of who I thought were honest to goodness friends, have the ability to send me right back to high school.  It's even harder when they make me feel like my contributions and participation in an organization I have been part of for many years are un-needed and not valued.   I need to surround myself with people who truly want to be around me and act like grown-ups. 

3.  Sunshine makes me happy.  Here in the Hinterland (read upper midwest) we have had the most miserable spring on record.  20+ inches of snow in March alone and lots of wet dreary days in April.  We have had exactly 5 days with temps above 60 degrees so far.  Those have been glorious, the rest of it?  meh. 

4. Peanut butter doesn't stick to freshly-washed (still damp) celery.   

5. It's really really ok to let the phone go to voicemail.  

6.  Cold sores suck.  (I have known this for many years now unfortunately, but haven't had one for over two years so this latest flare up was especially sucky - plus the timing could not have been worse)

7. Snow in May is awesome and dreadful all at the same time.  It's May 2nd and there is now 12+ inches on the ground with the potential for more before the storm is done.  seriously?

  May 15, 2009  

   May 2, 2013


8.  Parenting a teenager is also dreadful and lovely, and hard, and fun and scary all at the same time. 

9. Songwriter/worship leader Laura Story is a most awesome lady....real, authentic, vulnerable, inspiring, oh so talented.  It was a pleasure to worship with her (and 1100 other women) at a conference recently.  A delight for the soul to hear her sing and get a chance to say hello. (I'm not sure why my face is so flushed!)

10. Been sitting at 9 for a whole day now....not sure I can think of anything else.  So that's it! 


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