Tuesday, September 3, 2013

things I learned in August...

going for it again...

1. I am learning I really need to start a draft of this at the beginning of the month so I have a place to keep track of the things I learned throughout the month. ahem.

2.  When you start dreaming and shopping for things that cost a lot of money (i.e. new appliances), and then start buying those things...lots of other things go wrong that can cost a lot more money to fix (i.e. car repairs, wet basements) 

3.  I need to figure out how to be a better friend.    I have a set of people that I realize I have done a pretty lousy job of being a good friend to, and I miss them.  Being a good friend is HARD!!  It's takes time and investment and being selfless.    I blame my busy life but isn't everyone busy?   Turns out I think I am just lazy and selfish.   And now I am scared.  Reaching out means they could say too little too late, and that's scary.  But I need to send that email, or message on FB, or pick up the phone.  I pray they will give me a second chance.   

4.  On this same note, per my past "things I learned" posts, I am realizing that not everyone appreciates me or my contributions to this world and I am finally deciding that that’s okay. I am learning that I can't be everyone’s favorite or best friend.  I want to be liked, well thought of, and loved, who doesn't?   This is especially true when I see women I know and like having fun together on Facebook (I hate how much that bothers me).   I just need to be at peace with it all, be myself, and not worry; be true to who I am and the right people will be there (right?) 

5. The older you get the faster time flies.  It is seriously the first week of September?  I was JUST shoveling snow in March (and April and May).  And here we are starting school again. uff.dah.   Someone please tell me how to slow this high speed train of life down??

6. I love reunions.  I was delighted to be a part of the committee to plan our 25th Class reunion.  Love being valued and appreciated, love contributing and mostly love getting to know a whole new group of people.  I love seeing people re-connect and it makes for great people watching. 

7. Still love this puppy girl, even when all she wants to do is bark her fool head off...but I certainly couldn't post without a photo of her! 


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