Thursday, January 15, 2009

ok ...we get it. It's cold out.

The school district called a "cold day" for today, it's like a "snow day" but doesn't involve any snow actually falling. Just cold. How cold?? Well, the ENTIRE state of Minnesota has been under a wind chill warning (which means time spent outdoors is not advised unless absolutely necessary) for the past 24 hours as a huge swath of wicked cold air has settled itself upon the entire upper Midwest portion of the US. It's bleepin cold all over. The weather guys are saying that we are experiencing the coldest nights in 8 years with overnight lows of 20-30 below zero and wind chill temps of 40-50 below zero. That's cold people. Really cold.

Kids and I had a pretty good day stuck inside. I stayed in bed until 9:30 watching the Today Show. awesome. I threw one load of laundry in the wash, folded one basket of laundry, read three days worth of newspapers, it was nice. Kids were all pretty nice to me and each other. Let's just say that there was lots of screen time. ahem. We watched a little Hannah/Miley, did a little Wii-ing. Overall a pretty good day.

And then, when I got home from dropping Coleo off at his drum lessons this afternoon, there was an email from the district saying school was called off for tomorrow too. I had just stopped at the store to pick up birthday treats for the girls to take to school tomorrow (that would be 2x28). Had I NOT stopped at the store, in an effort to use my time wisely and not proscrasinate like I usually do, school would not have been canceled. But simply because I HAD, then of course school is canceled again. So now I have A LOT of baked goods sitting on my kitchen counter. A LOT. And now we have two days of canceled school in a row,which is pretty much unheard of here in our parts. And to top it off, they are scheduled to have Monday off for MLK jr. Day, so we are now looking at a 5 day weekend. Not so sure how I feel about that. The Girlies birthday is tomorrow, we have an afterschool playdate arranged, which has turned into an all afternoon playdate, since there is no school. And we will go out for dinner, Girlies choice, cuz that's what we do for birthdays in this family. I can only hope that tomorrow is as calm laid back and breezy (literally and figuratively speaking..remember the 40 below windchills?) as today was.

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