Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My take...

on American Idol Final 36 - Round 1

I love these first few nights of elimination as we whittle things down to the Top 12. It's fun to see who's really got the chops, singing with the full band and back-ups singers. Out there on live TV. It's the true test. So, here's a play by play, as I watch, of what I think of this first set of 12...

Jackie Tohn (A Little Less Conversation) How about a little less spandex? And a little less jumpin’ around. What was she thinking?? I really (REALLY) didn’t like her outfit. Love her sound tho. A little Janis goin' on. Needs to re-think her style and stage presence tho. Please.

Ricky Braddy - (what was the name of his song?) Like it. Great voice...needs some coaching on his stage presence. A little forgettable, but very nice.

Alexis Grace (Never Loved A Man) — 2 words. LOVE HER! Loved her outfit, love her touch of pink, love her voice. Classy. She worked it out. An early favorite.

Brent Keith (Hick Town) - Totally forgettable , very Karaoke-ish. And he talked back to Simon. Big no no. Have you never watched this show?

Stevie Wright (You Belong With Me) - OUCH!!!!!! This was painful. Judges are not going to be very nice to her. Yikes that was harsh. Unfortunately I totally agree with every single judge.

Anoop Desai (Angel of Mine) - Yikes. A guy singing a girl’s song. Hate that. Bad choice right off the bat. Again, very forgettable. Except for maybe all the bad notes and forced runs. Come on people what is up with the songs choices? Unfortunately, I think Anoop Dog is out of the house. Props to him for acknowledging the band tho!

Casey Carlson ( Every Little Thing She Does is Magic) - Interesting song choice…hmmmm. I like her – plus she’s a “hometown” girl. Ok…now that she’s opened her mouth…not so much. NO NO NO! What is she going for? Reggae? R&B? Pop rock? It’s weird. She’s stiff. Weird facial expressions. And I just don’t get it…it was all wrong.

Michael Sarver (I Don’t Wanna Be) - Ah the roughneck. Excited about him. Hope he does well. Darn it all. Why would he pick this song?? Doesn’t he know no one could ever touch Bo’s stellar version of this? That’s too bad. I liked him - but it was all the wrong song. Maybe, he's likable enough to pull thru.

Ann Marie Boscovich (Natural Woman) - Yikes. Risky song. Let’s see how she does. Hmmmmm….rough. Such a huge song, and she just didn’t pull it off. I don’t get what she was going for. Seemed pageant-y. Rough Rough Rough. And now she’s talking back and kissing up. Hate that.

Stephen Fowler (Rock with Me) Hmmm. It seems like he’s just under the beat? Another rough one. At least he didn’t forget the lyrics this time. Yikes…a key change. Oh well. Not good my friend.

Tatiana Del Toro (Saving All My Love) Well if you saw my facebook status last Tuesday night, you’ll know how much I detest this girl. ACCKKKK! She’s picked a Whitney song? Puh-leaze. I hope she goes home this round. Turn it off! Turn it off. Wow…do I hope she’s going home. And have to disagree with Randy – no moments, unless you’re counting all the bad ones. I don’t get it. Why are they saying anything good about her? Kudos to Simon for calling it like it is. I just don't get her.

Danny Gokey (Hero) Ooo…I like him so much. Such an awesome back story. I hope he does well. Interesting song choice. Yay!!! He’s doing it. I love his roughness…with a real tender side. Very authentic and natural. I got goosebumps on his last note. YAY DANNY!!!

Quote of the night? “I don’t get who you are as an artist”. Overall, definitely some stand outs tonight. My picks out of this group? Danny and Alexis for sure. Michael, or Ricky, maybe?

Anyone else notice the fuzzy math? Ryan said the top three vote getters from this group will go on to the Top 12….but there are only 3 groups of 12 (3x12=36) so if we take the top 3 from three groups, that only makes 9. I know my math skills leave much to be desired, but where will the other 3 come to create the Top 12? I hope Ryan explains more tomorrow night

(author's note: I can't promise I'll do this for every show of this season...but this was fun!!)

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Mark Kaske said...

It is my understanding that the other three will come from the judges 'wild card' picks.


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