Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Take...Take 2

On American Idol Final 36 - Round 2

Jasmine Murray (Love Song) - hmmm.....not so sure about her. Oh dear, pretty pitchy there at the beginning. Looks really comfortable tho. Ok...I kinda like her? I totally agree with the judges on this one. I have really liked that Paula doesn't feel like she has to be the "nice one" anymore. The judges nailed it on this one. It was just ok.

Matt Giraud (viva la vida) so the dueling piano guy. Oooo I remember liking him a lot from the Hollywood weeks. Trying his hand at a Cold Play....hmmmm. He's got a funky vibrato...not sure it fits this song. Don't like all the runs he's added to it. I don't think it was as bad as they are saying. I like him, but this song didn't work for him.

Janine Vailes(This Love) oh dear. way pitchy. And she's off beat. yikes. pain-ful. Why do they insist on singing songs recorded by the opposite sex? Don't they know how hard that is? And who cares about her legs????? I hate it when they critique -good or bad- their physical appearance. It's a singing competition, not a beauty contest. No no!! No talking back to the judges. And we don't care how old you are.

what is up with tonight? These first 3 are just bad, bad, bad. And where are the supportive parents back in the red room this week?

Norman/Nick Mithcell (Living without You) The Hubs predicts he's gonna come out and blow it all out of the park. Who will we see tonight? Yikes. Sorry Hubs. ok. this is just weird. It's making me uncomfortable. I really would love to see what he could really do without all the schtick. I think he has a nice voice. Seriously tho...why is he even in the top 36???

Allison Iraheta (Alone) uffdah. She's gonna take on Heart. So young for such gigantic song. Ohhh I like. Very pleasantly surprised. Edgy and raspy voice. Confident. I like it. Certainly the first one tonight with any potential or chance to move on as long as she has something more to give us than the rocker-chick thing. But I like her.

Kris Allen (Man in the Mirror) Yikes another Michael Jackson song. Weren't they listening last week when they said to never try do a MJ song? Why why why? Well now. This isn't bad. Kinda reminds me of David Archuletta. Kinda safe in a gutsy way. He's definitely one of the better ones...altho still had a few pitchy notes in there. I wouldn't say he nailed it, but it wasn't bad.

Megan Joy Corkrey (Put Your Records On) huh. interesting. She looks a little uncomfortable, but I like her sound. I think. I'm not sure what she's goign for tho. Her stage presence is weird. She keeps shaking her chest. And she was kinda shouty at the end. Huh. Me and Simon thinking alike tonight. She is definitely different.

Matt Breitzke (If You Could Only See) ooo the other "blue collar" dude. A nice family guy. Let's see how he does. Hmmmm... I like him. I like his voice but he seems "too nice" to pull off the rocker thing tho. Not sure he's Top 12 material. maybe?

Jesse Langseth (Bette David Eyes) Interesting song choice!!! Well now. This has potential. The middle part is weak tho. It didn't go where it should or could have. Fell kinda flat for me. Nope. sorry. Just didn't cut it for me, I agree with Randy that it just wasn't spectacular. And she is too talky, borderline arrogant.

Kai Kalama (What becomes of the broken hearted) huh. I dunno about him. He's got a good look (kinda a bit like Sayid from Lost) but really don't like this song. Liked the ending tho. Agree with it being old-fashioned. Don't think he'll make it thru.

Mishavonna Henson (Drops of Jupiter) Hmmmmm....she's got a little Joss Stone/Natasha Bedingfield thing going on. Kinda like her. Definitely one of the better girls of the night. Parts of it were a little off. I liked it. Only 18? She does seem older. I think I disagree with the judges on this one.

Adam Lambert (Satisfaction) Let's see how he does. I liked him from past weeks. A true performer. Not sure how I feel about the winks, Elvis lip snarls and lip licking. And I'm not sure how "current" he is. He'd do great in a Journey tribute band. I'd need to hear him singing some Maroon 5 or Cold Play. He's really great, but it's all just a little bit too much "show" for me. And I am a musical theatre major. Altho, he is by far, technically the BEST on the show so far. His vocal technique is flawless. I like him.

My picks? Adam, Allison for sure. Not sure who the 3rd one will be. I liked Mishavonna ...not sure who else. It's a toss up.

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Wendy said...

So should I call you Simon Hintermeister or would you prefer Karyn Cowel? I'm not sure if I ever told you this or not but after my first audition for church I went back to my car and cried... I'm beginning to see why... Your tough baby!


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