Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol bonus......

Wildcard Night Re-cap...

Well here we go. A bonus night of Idol...the wildcard spots will be filled after these 8 lucky ones get one more shot to prove themselves worthy of the Top 12.

Jesse Langston - (Tell Me...) Hmmm. I don't get the song. I like her voice. But the song just isn't doing anything for me. It was weird. She's the hometown girl so would love to have her make it in...but it was still kinda strange.

Matt Giraud (Who's loving you) Talk about indulgent....let's see if Simon says that to HIM. Hmmm....this is gonna be a tough call. He can sing the blues...but can he sing anything else? What will happen on country week or Elvis week and any other "week" they throw at him? Unless he's amazing at arranging like Chris Daughtry was and can turn it all around to his style every week, he'll be an interesting choice.

Megan (Cherry Tree) I don't like her. There are already enough of this kind of rough scratchy R&Bers out there. And what is with the hippy shake thing she keeps doing? And no one can touch Katherine McPhee's version of this. Sure she's "current" but I don't think she's gonna be a Top 12er.

Von Smith (Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word) Here's a hard word - Yuck. He just blew it.
What was he thinking?

Jasmine Murray (Reflection) Well it was a nice karaoke version of Christina Aguilera. Not so great. She is one of the young ones isnt' she? Maybe we'll see her again another year. She's got time.

Ricky Braddy (Superstitious) Ok he's good. Really good. I think he's got the chops for the Top 12.

Tatiana - oh my-lanta. Can we just put this to rest once and for all????? She really really shouldn't be here and was only put in to give us one more week of the drama. Just get it over with. What??? Saving All My Love....Really? Whitney again? Is that all she can sing? And poorly at that. That was just plain bad...bad bad bad karaoke. Everything about her is so fake and all show. She is different (but the same) every time we see her. Please stop the ride and let her off. Did she really sing that same song 3 times already?? She is so gone.

Anoop(My Perogative) Eek. The song doesn't fit him. But he can sing. Really. And he's likeable. But this was a poor song choice and I didn't like it.

So...we're forwarding ahead...who's it gonna be??

The final three spots go to....Jasmine, Megan and Matt. Huh. I'm not sure those would have been my picks? But there ya go. Overall I have been fairly unimpressed by the lot of them save for a few.

Updated: AHAH!! I love surprises. Our recording ran out before it ended and I just heard the news that they picked Anoop it's the TOP 13! Very cool....Should be interesting! Esp since it's 5 women and 8 men! Is this the first year they haven't had it an even 6 and 6? They are really shaking things up now aren't they?

And now the real fun begins! Can't wait.

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