Monday, March 16, 2009

Mid-week Randomness...

I am still chewing my nails to the point of discomfort. What am saying? It's actually painful to type...that's how bad it is. I don't know why I am still biting my nails, but I really wish I could reach that point where I could resolve to stop pretty right quick. I hate being self-conscious about my hands. Hate it.

The weather is Glor-EE-US this week! Warmth, sunshine. love it.

We have new neighbors moving into the house up behind us. I know I should do the right thing and march myself over there to say hello, but good golly is that a hard thing to work myself up to do. I sure hope they don't mind our kitty prowling around the yards. We'll see if we can catch them out in the yard this weekend perhaps. They have furniture out on the patio, and a bird bath appeared in the corner of the backyard so I suspect we'll be seeing more them back there than the people who used to live there...which was pretty much never. I am praying now that they are nice, like kids, and noise and black kitties who like to explore.

As of Monday, I had a book that was 1 week overdue and couldn't get to the library to get it returned. I actually didn't finish reading it until Sunday, so Monday was the first day I would've returned it, but I didn't. So I made it to the library on Tuesday, and my card was "blocked" against any new check-outs due to excessive overdue charges. Oops. I knew they were racking up! $13.05. Got those paid for, I don't mind really, I figure it's just our way of supporting our local library.

We missed Idol last night. A little bummed. SO no re-cap for this week and it was country week too darn it all. I have read several reviews and blog re-caps so feel like I am up to speed but the results show will be interesting.

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE the new U2 it. Even the kids love it and have a couple of favorite songs they ask to hear every time we are tooling around town, but maybe because it's all I've listened to in the car in the past 2 weeks?

I don't get St. Patrick's Day. I just don't. Although most of the family wore green yesterday and The Hubs insisted on putting green food coloring in our milk glasses last night at dinner. I still don't understand what all the fuss is about.

I am bummed that Alexis was sent home in Idol tonight. really bummed. I liked her a lot. There are definitely several who should have gone home waaaaay before her.

I hate late night commercials for scary icky movies. Why do they show those??

We have a crazy busy day tomorrow...I am stressing about it and really fear not sleeping well tonight because of it. Hence the fact that it is midnight and I am not even close to being ready to go to sleep.

We are now on day 4 of not having anyone throwing up in our house! Yippee!!

And have I blogged yet how much I hate the new Facebook layout? It's yucky and they took all the fun out of it. I still spend way more time than I should dorking around with it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm just sayin' people - why change something that wasn't broke?

Alrighty then...I think that's enough for now.


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