Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Top 5

Well. Here we are down to the Final 5. I am not sad to have seen Anoop and Lil go home last week. I am honestly surprised they hadn't gone sooner.

So tonight they are singing American "standards" - the music of the Brat Pack. I think this could be fun!!
With guest mentor Jamie Foxx. Altho, after the nasty things he said on his radio show about cutey Miley Cyrus recently he has lost a few points in my book...let's see what he has to say.

Kris Allen's singing "The Way You Look Tonight" - wow. Jamie Foxx liked him and said such nice things to him! That's cool. So this was smooth, not all full of unnecessary runs. Nice. Slow, fast, slow. Loved the tempo changes. Very classy. Love.it.

Allison is up next singing "Someone to Watch Over Me". Love this song. One of my favorite to sing actually. Wow. Amazing.

All I can say right now is Simon must have woken up on the wrong side of the dungeon today. What a cranky pants!

Matt Giraud is singing "My Funny Valentine" ...hmmm...not buying it. Seems forced and not authentic and he keeps changing his "voice"...low and raspy, then breathy, then full out....it felt awkward. I agree with the judges on this one. What??!? Is Simon smoking something tonight? Normally he and I are right one...but I have disagreed with everything he's said tonight.

Danny Gokey's up
. I dont' care what the name of this song is ( cuz I missed it and I dont' know it) but man oh man is he HOT tonight. WOW! WOW! WOW! Yes He can sing..so nice of you all to notice. hehe.

Adam Lambert is up last. I am kinda tired of him. I am tired of the fuss. I don't see anything current about him unless you're stuck in 1987 or listen to the hard rock 80's station. He really can go home anytime. Actually he just needs to go back to Broadway and sing the role of Judas from "Jesus Christ Superstar" for the rest of his life. The end. oooo that last note was bad! And just once I'd like to see him pull off a song without all the tongue-filled screeching. A little theatrical???? Just a little. Off to Broadway you go young man.

I think I've made my wishes clear.

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Wendy said...

Karen... you absolutely crack me up! I love them all this year! But I have to say that Kris and Danny are my favs! I love Adam too.. but you know me... I love the drama of it all

Wrong side of the dungeon... what a hoot!


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