Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All things busy...

here are a few glimpses of the past few weeks....

My Mothers of Multiples Club Sale...this is what 140 people look like waiting to get in the door before we even opened. Acck!

And here is the insanity of it all....

And 2 tired chicas....me and one of my fellow sale co-chairs...we ROCK!!! (imho of course)

It was 72 hours of sheer madness. My back still isn't back to normal after being on my feet on a solid concrete floor for most of it.

Then, our oldest "stomped" his way thru church one morning here...(that's him in the skeleton shirt..yes at church). It came off the heels of our opening worship set which ended with the song "Indescribable". It was really cool.

The next week, our girlies performed an original song they wrote themselves for their school variety show....
(Jewels is singing, Wren is on piano)

And my baby boy graduated from pre-school....

Since then, (I don't have any pictures to document most of this) we had a little Happy Hour Party with a few friends (and tequila) on Saturday night of the Memorial Day weekend. My brother and family were here for an overnight Sunday to Monday to celebrate my dad's birthday.

Last week was filled with piano lessons, field trips, classroom volunteering, a fun brunch with fellow 2nd grade moms, and a little furniture shopping thrown in for good measure.

This week is supposed to be filled with crossing things off lists. See, we are hosting the Hinterland Family Reunion in less than 3 week! We have huge long lists of things to do, mostly cleaning and organizing, a few big things left to do outside in order to be "ready". The lists are overwhelming for me, since lately I have a hard getting motivated to do much of anything at all, esp when I am home during the day with Jaxon.

The biggest hurdle I have to overcome in all this list making nonsense is my own "it's not good (pretty, clean, organized) enough
to have people in my home" complex. I am constantly plagued by it. We live in a nice home. We are blessed...I know. I have some very nice things and for the most part, we really lack for nothing. But society tells us otherwise.

I can't keep myself from getting caught up in the "if onlys" ...if only my carpets were clean, if only I had new furniture for that room, if only our deck was bigger, if only I could re-paint this wall, if only my kid's rooms were cleaner, the guest bathroom could get tiled etc. It's a heavy dose of discontentment, mostly stemming from reading decorating blogs and magazines. I can get caught up in dreams and wishful thinking of how I think things could be and look, and I lose sight of all that is good and wonderful right now. I have neither the resources, creativity or time to make most of it come to fruition all at once and that frustrates me.

So I will spend the next 3 weeks trying to talk myself down from this sense of discontentment and find that place of contentment once again. And realize and thank God for all I do have and be at peace and feel blessed once again.

'Cuz I know (really I do)...that when it comes to parties, happy hours and family reunions, it's not about clean carpets, perfectly decorated rooms, decks filled with pretty potted flowers or landscaped yards, it's about the time spent together.


GregHint said...

Well said. I love ya dearie!

Wendy said...

WOW... that really was Crap Universe! Such a cute picture of Jack at his graduation... and do you ever slow down? What a list!


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