Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bootcamp Insanity

So here I am....sitting here after Week 2 -Day 1 of Bootcamp.

Yes, this crazy bootcamp fitness class - moment of sheer insanity thing - that I signed up for.

Last week was week 1 (duh) and 33 women of all ages, shapes and sizes are meeting three days a week from 6-7am on a school playground for some serious fitness. Yes, I drag my sorry butt out of bed at 5:15am (otherwise known in my world as o'dark hundred hours) to go and be run thru the ringer by our drill sargeants
leaders, Shawn and Chris and Shelly. Running, push-ups, ab work, cardio, agility it's all there. It's painful and hard, but in that "feel-the-burn-it's-a-good-thing" kinda way. They are kicking our butts...and quads, and hamstrings and triceps and biceps and muscles I had long forgotten even existed in my mother of 4 "core". Uff.dah.

But boy does it feel good. And the crazy o'clock in the morning thing isn't killing me either...which is actually a huge shock for me. I originally signed up just for the 4 week session for June thinking I can do ANYTHING 12 times, but then last week I signed on for July too. Gotta whip my tail in gear here and I am hoping this is just the thing to do it.

And to top it off, my lovely amazing husband is totally supportive of me and is even getting up at 5:30 to go running himself. Love him!!

Stay tuned for more Bootcamp Insanity updates. Or check out my friend Wendy's take on things here and here. Maybe I'll even try to snap a couple of photos sometime soon just for y'all's enjoyment. heh.

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Cara said...

SOOOO FUN!!!! Sounds like a blast!!!!Amazing the energy you get from it isn't it!


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