Monday, June 29, 2009


I totally have at least 4 partial posts sitting in my drafts box. I can't seem to come up with the time and wit and words to finish them off to actually get them posted. I have a recap of the past few weeks, but want to add pictures, and don't seem to ever remember to dump my camera onto my laptop to get that one done. I had another started to talk abotu my Bootcamp progress. And a few others have been in the ol' drafts list for a while, more timeless, philosophical ones...maybe someday.

But today was the last official day of my Bootcamp Insanity; we ran thru the same set of tests we did on the first day.

My results?? I have a lost a total of 4 lbs, and 2 points off my BMI, (but somehow my body fat percentage was the same(?) I did 7 more push-ups in 30 seconds than 4 weeks ago, and shaved one minute off the running test. I am feeling really really good, the crazy insane o'clock in the morning thing HASN'T been the death of me. I no longer have the stiffness and pain in my lower back and hips that I frequently woke up with, and have more energy overall.

Boot camp ROCKS! Shelly, Shawn and Chris are great at encouraging us without pressure. All the women are so encouraging of each other. I am signed up for another 4 weeks. I am going to try to be much more focused and intentional on the nutritional aspects this month and also try working out on my own on the "off" days more regularly, with hopes of losing at least another 4 pounds by the end of July. Wish me luck!


Wendy said...

Awesome job Karyn! Thanks again for making the ask... I'm feeling great too! Keep up the great work!

GregHint said...


I am so proud of you. Thank you for getting us both to start being active.

I love you lots!!!!


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