Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My own pretty good day....

So today my husband had a really, really, REALLY good day.  He wrote about it here...go check him out.  He rocks. The fact that he is so good at what he does (who am I kidding, he's good at EVERYTHING he does) makes my heart go pitter-patter.    I love him....but I digress.... So, I thought perhaps I should write about MY own good day...

It started at 6:20.   Which isn't really all that good.  Especially when it's the first official day of summer break and I should be able to sleep til at least 8!  But nonetheless, I was up and at'em so that I could have myself showered and ready to go by the time I had to beckon the Littles (wren, jewel and jaxon) from their slumber.   The girls start their summer training schedule this week which is Mon-Thurs, 8am-noon, and the smallest of the small ones is attending a VBS with a school buddy this week.    

Now for a list of the GDMs (Good Day Moments) 
     - we got out of the house on time.  Nothing short of a miracle.
     - Jaxon was put into his small group with his buddy.   (Logistics like this hardly ever happen without a hiccup for us) 
     - Jaxon went off with his friend and got himself settled with nary a moment of hesitation.   Huge milestone.  
     - I ran into several old friends while standing around the church lobby.  Some I haven't seen for several years or more.  (I love reunions) Made plans to get together Wednesday with one of them. 
     - had a great conversation with another dad from our church (their son is one of Jaxon's besties) who has just recently been let go from a 16 year career.  It was very sudden, with no notice and no severance. The grace and peace with which he is handling this overwhelming situation is nothing short of inspiring.     
     - a decent morning grocery shopping.  I have always enjoyed providing for my family in this way.   
      - Upon realizing I had a few minutes to spare, I went and visited the big box garden center and splurged on some potted flowers for the front porch.  Stuff is already being discounted...WOOT!
      - The sun was shining and it was neither 50 degrees nor 100 degrees.  Practically perfect.
      - A few more random meet ups with a few moms I haven't chatted with in a long time during the pick-up time at VBS.
     - Fun lunch of making personal biscuit pizzas.  Kids love making their own lunches. 
     - A nap.  'nuff said.
     - Dinner - which can by hit or miss when the hubs is traveling.  We sat at the table and ate together.  This one was a hit. 
   - A spontaneous trip to the spider web park...it was a gorgeous evening and couldn't be wasted sitting indoors. 

     - A spontaneous trip to McDs for treats on the way home.  (at least the kids think it was spontaneous) 
     - Kids all make it to bed at a decent time.  Bonus! 

So yeah...there ya have it.  Nothing spectacular, but I made it thru the day without losing my temper, kids ate pretty decent meals; it's the small things that count for me.  So it was a good day here in the Hinterland...especially considering the hubs isn't here and I had to be up at o'dark hundred hours...and I am praying for a repeat tomorrow.   I suppose it would help if I actually went to bed and got a decent night's sleep.  Hmmmm...

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Karen Hossink said...

Karyn - What a delight it is to meet you! You had me laughing when I read your profile - maintaining the house is not the same as cleaning it. I sooooo understand you! *wink*
I'm glad to have a new friend in MN. :o)



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