Monday, November 7, 2011

30 days of Gratitude - Day 5 & 6

One of my favorite bloggers is doing a daily challenge for the month of November...thought I'd join in. She is going to post one thing she is thankful for everyday as a way to not cruise through the holidays without pause and gratitude...she said hers will just be a sentence each day or maybe even just a word. For me, it might one thing...or six.

(Author's note: I am thankful - everyday - but I am also as busy as the rest of you. It was a crazy, I don't know how to backdate posts to get them to post on the actual here's a little catch up.)  

Day 5 - I was thankful for the successful and delightful celebration of the 50 year anniversary of my Mothers of Multiples group.   The legacy represented in the room at our reunion was amazing.

Day 6 - I was thankful for a great day spent at a gymnastics meet - for the sheer love of the sport and camaraderie of my girl's team and the parents.) 

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