Friday, January 2, 2009

So here we are...

...already on the 2nd day of 2009 and I haven't posted since before Christmas. sigh. Can you hear the weariness in my words? It's been a busy 1o days or so here in the Hinterland. SO, for the whole two of you reading my blog, I'll fill in the gaps!

Christmas #1 was on Christmas Eve Eve with the Hubs family(parents up from FL, brother, sil, and 2 nieces). I made 2 lasagnas...from SCRATCH. And they were good. thankyouverymuch. We all really enjoyed our time together. Everyone spent the night and the brother et al had to head back home early the next morning.

Christmas #2 was Christmas Eve. The Hubs and I were involved in the 2 services at church. I got to sing with two other gals from the other worship bands (we've never sung all together before) and it was very special. My dad's favorite song is O Holy Night and we soared through it in 3 part harmony and it touched him deeply. The kids all sang a song during the services and that was particularily sweet moment too. My parents and the in-laws attended the first service and then headed back to our house for their own "Christmas Happy Hour" while they waited for us to get home after the second service. We shared a meal of cheesy potato soup and other tasty things then our kids exhanged the small "dollar store" gifts they bought for each other. It's a tradition we started a couple years ago, taking the kids to pick out small gifts for each other, we like to think it's really helped them realize it's not all about the "gettin". It's alwasy fun to see what they pick out for each other. I sure within a few years they will tire of the token-ness of it, but it's fun for now.

#3- Christmas Day was spent quietly with just ourselves, the in-laws had left early AM to visit other family. Kids were up early and made their way thru their stockings...Santa always brings them fun trinkets and snacks. We made our traditional Christmas day breakfast of gooey crescent roll marshmallow treats, eggs and sausage. After breakfast, we opened the bigger gifts we had bought for the kids. Some clothes, this momma always buys everyone new socks, and then one thing from each of their "lists". The BIG one for this year was a fmaily gift, a Wii. We wrapped each component indiviually and then those were all packaged in a giant gift bag. It was marked from me to the Hubs. On the top was a pack of green marshmallow Christmas Tree Peeps. A fun little tradition he has with the kids. (we buy them for all the holidays!) The kids thought I had played a joke on him by wrapping the small package of Peeps in the huge gift bag. He then said, "wait there's more in here...lots more!" He starts to pull each package out and says each of them can help him open them. Isuggest they wait and all open them at the same time. We counted down and on 3 they tore into each of their bags - there was about 10 seconds of confusion until the Hubs pulled out the actual console and they all screamed! Coleo was the funniest and loudest in his excitment...they were psyched! It has been a really fun "addition" to the family and has already made for lots of family fun. That evening, we headed down to my parents house for leftovers and games.

The next day, we packed ourselves up and headed to the cabin, the hubs' brother's lake home in Northern WI for 3 days. It's become a fun tradition ever since the in-laws moved to FL full-time. It gives us all a few extra days together before they head back to warmer climates. 3 solid days of hikes across the frozen lake, playing games, puzzles, coloring, napping and other lazy day kinds of activities. Much fun is always had by all. On our way home from the cabin, we have made it a habit of stopping by my bestest friend, Natalie's home in rural WI. She and I have known each other since we were 3. (That's a long time btw) They live on 40 acres in the middle of rural WI and we have a great time with them. We only get to see each other a couple times a year - but her oldest is the same age as Coleo and they are a lot a like so they have a good time together. We made our way home late that night.

Tuesday, New Year's Eve Eve, was a lazy, stay in our cozy clothes all day kinda day. My favorite kinda day. For New Year's Eve, we hosted our annual gathering, about 20+ adults and 14 kids joined us to ring in the New Year. We had some new faces from our usual motley crew and had a great night of food, Wii-ing, a good conversation. And a very late night for our kids. Natalie, her hubby and boys came too..two visits in one week!! That made my day to learn they were coming to our house and it was great to have extra time with her family.

And yesterday, New Year's Day, actually was Christmas #4 for us, celebrating, eating and exchanging gifts with MY parents, brother, sil and my niece and nephew and two dogs to boot! It was the first day in 3 weeks that both my brother and sil had the same day of the week off from work. Ya do whatcha gotta do! More (and more food) was consumed (STOP THE MADNESS!) and more gifts were opened and there was more Wii playing and more fun family time. Another night of sleepover guests, and a big brunch concluded our time together today.

So now, I can finally say that our "holiday season" has officially ended. We will take down all the decor, kids go back to school Monday, and normal(?) life begins again.

I feel like I should write about all the things I learned, loved and regretted in 2008, but I'm still in serious post-holiday mode so there's no way I can think THAT deeply, watch for those in another post.

I suppose I should write about all I hope, wish and pray for our 2009, but I'm not so sure about those quite yet either. That will be another post.

And, I promise to give y'all a little insight as to where the title of my blog comes from soon too.

So there...a guarantee of at least 3 more posts from me.. ;-)

Until then, Happy New Year! May God bless us, everyone.


Mom With Bipolar said...

Hi Karyn, Thanks for inviting me to see your blog! It's so fun, isn't it. Feel free to link to and "become a follower" on my blog which is

Wendy said...

Karyn...I'm tired just reading it all! Thanks for having us on New Years Eve....we all had fun. Jonah got even more of a Wii fix on New Years Day with some members of my extended family. I got to play too...I'm a boxing fool...Three KO's! I'm thinking of vying for a women's heavy weight championship! :-)

Mom With Bipolar said...

Karyn, "wii" too had a ton of fun at your house. Thanks again for inviting us. Drew really enjoyed meeting/talking with your husband.

Wendy ~ what's "ko's"

The wii is really fun. Thanks to you guys for telling me about it back at Wendy's house that day.


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