Thursday, January 22, 2009


so it's been almost a week since my last post and I am hating that. It's been a crazy week of catch up after the kids were all home for their unplanned 5 day weekend. I feel like I am literally flying by the seat of my pants.

Monday, I put on my "fun mom" hat and surprised them with a matinee and took them to see "Hotel for Dogs". It was very cute - the kids all love animals. I think the general story-line was a little over Jaxon's head, but he still liked ALL the dogs' antics.
Then off to drum lessons for Coleo, and dance for Wren and Jules.

Tuesday was back to school day (finally!) and a long over-due stay at home day for me and Jaxon. (Playing catch up day after having everyone home for 5 days.) I watched lots of the Inauguration and that was interesting. A meeting at church in the evening rounded out the day. Oh, and
Wren and Jules started piano this week -they are very excited about that!

Wednesday was an "away from home all day" for me - women's small groups at church in the morning (I lead a short time of worship for the large group portion), Jaxon to school after a quick lunch, and then a planned trip to Wal-mart for groceries and other errands. With a dead van battery thrown in for good measure, just to keep me on my toes. Here's what happened.

I had dropped Jaxon off, then gone out to the van and turned just the radio on while I sat there to makes sense of all my grocery notes and create my list. 7 minutes later, I turned the key and nuthin. 3rd time in 2 months. Obviously there's just not a lot of life left in the battery if it can't handle 7 minutes of running the radio. I got a jump start from one of the maintenance guys at the church where Jaxon goes to pre-school and the realized I shouldn't probably only drive it 5 minutes to walmart and then turn it off again and risk getting stranded there. Luckily , the shop that has been servicing all our vehicles for the past 16 yrs was only a couple miles away. I took my chances that they could squeeze me in and headed down there. Now, the Hubs has logged the most face time with our mechanic, but we bought a car from him a couple years ago, I was just hoping Steve was around and he'd remember who I was. I walked in, he came thru the door from the shop, I said a little hesitantly "Do you know who I am?" and he said "Sure! you're Greg's wife! Yay!! I didn't have to feel stupid. I explained what happened and asked if there was any way he could take a look at it within the half hour or so (that was how much "flex" time I had.) They were having a slow day and he got the van right in, checked the "life" of the battery, and had a new one in place in under 15 minutes. Can I hear an "amen" people? Such a nice guy. I was able to still get my Wal-mart run done without too much rushing, and then back to pick up all the kids from their school(s) all on time.

3rd Wednesday of the month is my MOMs (mothers of multiples) meeting night in these parts. I've been a member of this great group of fellow MOMs for almost 8 years. Which means I was for only 2 hours between 8:15am and 10:15. Not my favorite kind of day,
(I really hate not being home for a whole day) but it was a good day. Even the dead battery part was ok, because a resolution came so easily.

Today -Thursday I am running around still in crazy mode tryign to pack 1and1makes6 for a long weekend to WI Dells. YAY! The kids are psyched. We go about every other year, book a big 3 bedroom condo at our timeshare there and take another family with us for a few days of fun. We'll hit an indoor waterpark one day adn then relax and do snow-fun the other. Always a fun time with our family and friends. So, now I must go. This is already a much longer post than I intended, and there is still packing to do! Yikes!

Enjoy your weekends...we plan to!!

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Wendy said...

I'm glad your van was able to be fixed before your trip! Have a great time!


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