Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am feeling like a failure with this blog thing. But last week was another crazy week including almost 3 days without my nearly new laptop. (Don't get me started!) And I hate the fact that I am trying to summarize a whole week in one post. again. Maybe I'll just do a couple days.

We were in the Dells last weekend ( the 23rd-25th), and it was such a wonderful relaxing and fun time with our kids and some good friends. We spent a whole day at a HUGE waterpark, kids had a blast and it was so fun being able to let them go off and do their own thing and not have to worry.
The second day was spent sno-tubing at the resort where we were staying, hanging out, napping, relaxing. That evening we hit a family fun center for some bowling and arcade fun. Good times. As much as I love our Dells trips (we go at least every other year if not yearly) it's so hard for me to be away from home. I LOVE being home. Let me say that again. I.LOVE.BEING.HOME. I have determined that I am an extroverted homebody. Whatever that means. Anyway. SO we get home. The house is instantly chaos with all the 1/2 unpacked bags, cluttered counters, loads of dirty laundry etc. Not the way I want to start out the week.

Monday - kids are up and out the door and I am supposed to be welcoming an appraiser at 10am to do an appraisal on our house for a re-finance. I call the Hubs at work and tell him I am in no way prepared to have someone come thru the house under such scrutiny and can he puh-leaze call her to re-schedule for later in the week. Done. Next stress was trying to arrange for an all evening babysitter for Tuesday night. We had tickets to see Jewel in concert-out of town - about 90 minutes away. We had a sitter arranged - our regular - but had an email from her upon our return from the Dells saying a surgery that she had scheduled for early Feb was being moved up to Tuesday. Can't fault her at all, but I hate the stress of finding a last minute sitter

Tuesday was a busy day of an ortho app for Coleo (getting the braces put on his top teeth) a meeting at church, followed by another meeting at church, a quick grovery run and getting girls to piano lessons. Home for about 1 hour before The Hubs and I were off to the concert.
I was able to arrange to have a friend come over about 8pm, which meant Coleo was "on" and in charge for about 2 1/2 hours. He's good, the kids all behave themselves when he's in charge and he had them all in bed by the time she arrived - I just knew he'd have a hard time falling asleep without a grownup in the house. So she came and stayed until we got home about midnight. The concert was AMAZING! Jewel is a true artist - she played a 2 1/2 hour show - in 5 inch heels no less, just her and her guitar. Spectacular. So glad we didn't' end up getting rid of the tickets (out of fear of not finding a sitter). Loved the short road trip alone with the Ths Hubs.

Wednesday was a regular gone-from-the-house-all-day kind of day. Women's small groups in the morning, Jaxon to school, volunteer in Jules class, p/u kids, dinner, homework and thankfully a night at home for all.
The bonus was that LOST was is it a good season so far!

Thursday was the day my laptop crashed, I nearly went crazy without it. I kept up with facebook using the kids PC but only know a handful of blog addys by memory. No email... nuthin. Long day. Band practice that evening, Coleo babysitting again.

Friday night we had an Arts/Tech appreciation dinner at church. All the sound/light techies, musicians, vocalists, and many others gathered for an evening of food and fun. The hubs and I have been a part of the teams that make our weekly services happen since the very beginnings of our church in 1997.

Saturday Jaxon had a birthday party and the girls were invited to a friends house for the day -the Hubs had a recording session scheduled in the studio
and a relaxing night at home. This was also the day my resident IT guy ( The Hubs) spent most of the morning backing up, scratching, and re-installing everything to my laptop. Thanks dearie, I know how much you hate that role. I love ya for it.

So there...that's life in the 4th week of January for 1and1makes6.


Wendy said...

Makes me feel exhausted just reading it!

Cheri said...

Ok, I'm exhausted...and wondering how I ever lived through weeks like that.


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