Thursday, April 9, 2009

The eggs in my basket....

I wish...
...I could go on a vacation to someplace with surf, sun and fruity drinks. was summer so I didn't have to get kids up and off to school every day.

...the Hubs could work from home...even one day a week.

...I had the money saved up to buy lots of new furniture.

...I didn't have 30lbs to lose.

...I could eat without counting calories.

...I was more decisive.

...I didn't care so much about what people might think of me.
...I could take a little nap everyday.
...I was more organized.
...I was more intentional about how I spend my time.
...I could discover how to parent without any help from my evil twin, Raggy Naggy Mother.
...I had the means to help more people in need.
...I had just one really good, "BFF" kinda friend who actually lived within 20 miles of me.
...I would make time to read the Bible and spend time with God more consistently.
...I was somehow magically motivated to make some of these come true.

Maybe it's more like a basket-case....>sigh<>

What are some of your eggs?

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