Monday, April 6, 2009

In one week...

not much has happened...hence no blogging. Well ok...that's not entirely true. I am a momma of four and wife of one so I suppose some things have happened.

Spring break happened. It came. It went. We're back to school today. But here are a few things we did...

~a day trip up to the Science Museum and The 6 (The Hubs took a day off!) spent a full day there looking at mummies, dinosaur bones, bacteria/viruses, weather facts, and our own cheek cells under a microscope. We stopped for dinner at one of our favorite far and few between visits restaurant Ruby Tuesday's. YUM-O! We don't have one here in the Hinterland yet so when we get a chance to visit one out of town we jump on it. We had a delightful waitress, amazing food, kids even behaved themselves! Coleo said the next day, "yesterday was so perfect it was almost like it didn't happen." It was a pretty perfect day.

~the playing Wii. Lots and lots of Wii. Mostly Mario Kart with interludes of everyone taking turns doing their Wii Sports Fitness tests.

~ the watching too much TV. Mostly PBS (that doesn't really count does it?) with interludes of Pokemon on DVD.

~lots of sleeping in - by me - not the kids. No, they were all up earlier than they are to go school. Go figure. But they are all old enough now to help each other and fend for themselves for breakfast so I took the opportunity to stay in bed a little longer! A mom's gotta do what she can.

~a fun "mom's so cool for treating us to an impromptu dinner out to McDs" - one night when The Hubs stayed late at work. Don't worry their meal included Apple Dippers.

~ an evening of worship band practice and powerful Sunday morning service.

~another Hubs day off and The 5 took in a matinee of Monsters vs. Aliens. The Momma stayed home and enjoyed an afternoon of being in her own house Delightful!

~ a great date night with The Hubs - out to a Wine Tasting. Over 200 wines to sip, tasty ante pasta salads and fresh fruit, and amazing chocolates from local chocolatiers. A-MAY-ZING! It was held in a Home Improvement/Builders "Market Square" so even the atmosphere was pretty wonderful. Lots of stolen kisses. walking arm and arm, and we even got to check out new countertops and sofas to boot! My favorite spot was the the lighting store area...all the beautiful fixtures, sconces and chandeliers.

And what didn't happen over our spring break? Playing outside. 'Cause someone forgot to actually inform the weather that it's SPRING! It never made it over 40 degrees the whole week. And most days it was downright gloomy. The kids would go out for short bits at a time but it was just crummy so they never really had much fun.

So there. Our Spring Break 2009! One for the books dont'cha think? :-)

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