Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today, April 28th...

Outside my window…sunny, breezy, but pretty chilly. We hit 91 degrees here last Friday, and then woke up to 35 and rain the next morning. And then it proceeded to rain all weekend. The temps have been slowly making their way back up to "springtime". But the grass is green, perennials are starting to show themselves, The Hubs' Magnolia tree is blooming. Spring is definitely and finally here.

I am thinking…about how much life stinks without my husband.

I am thankful that…the kiddos have been pretty well-behaved this week while the Hubs is out of town for work. And Raggy Naggy Mother has barely had to help me parent this week at all!

From the kitchen…I think tacos are on the menu tonight.

I am wearing…I am in my "cozy clothes" (sweats, t-shirt, zipped hoodie)
. It's pretty much what I am in anytime I am home with nowhere to go.

I am creating…a quick video message for a long time friends 40th birthday.

I am going…to put real clothes on and run some errands today.

I am reading…The Yada Yada Prayer Group
by Neta Jackson. It's good!!

I am hoping…that the weather continues to improve....I really like 65 and sunny.

I am hearing…Sesame Street on the TV, my dragonfly lights banging against the window (it's windy today.)
Jaxon coughing - he has another cold.

Around the house
...it's ok. There's a
bucket of Magentix toys scattered all over the family room floor. But overall it's livable.

One of my favorite things...lazy days and naps.

A few plans for the rest of the week
...survive. It's actually a pretty low-key week schedule-wise which I love. We will welcome The Hubs home after being gone for 7 full days. Praying that my boys get over these lingering head colds -they both have nasty coughs. Maybe a Hinterland Happy Hour May Day gathering Friday night? That might be fun!

Here's hoping your day is delightful.


Cheri said...

Read the Yada Yada Prayer Group years ago...and I loved it too. Also read the sequel....which wasn't as good as the first book, but still good.

Wendy said...

Hang in there girl... just a couple more... days... I think... hope... pray... :-) I read the book too but always wonder why Christian fiction writers seem to feel the need to write down to us... so to speak. I liked the characters and the story line... but it seemed like the writing was a little "fluffy"...


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