Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today, May 21st...

Outside my window…cloudy, occasional sprinkles, cooler than the past few days (where we broke high temp records) and the wind has significantly diminished.

I am thinking
thankfully the day is almost over, and how excited I am for our TV date night tonight when we get to finally watch the Lost season Finale...only 8 days after it originally aired. (sigh)

I am thankful that…Jack successfully made it thru his graduation program today. He did so well and I am very proud of him.
And after receiving his "diploma", instead of shaking his teacher's hand or even giving a simple hug, he leaped into her arms and squeezed hard with his eyes shut tight. It made the entire sanctuary chuckle and sigh.

From the kitchen…I browned and threw boneless country style ribs with a bottle of honey BBQ sauce into the crockpot this morning
...sides of misc fried potatoes from the oven, skinny green beans, applesauce. YUM-O!

I am wearing…brown rayon crop pants, and a funky southwestern patterned top.

I am creating…this blog. Sorry it's been a few days.

I am going…to get my kids showered and to bed VERY SOON!

I am reading…HRH by Danielle Steele (I've read every single one of her books to date)

I am hoping…that we can get our act together and get our To Do and To Buy Lists done so we can make progress in preparations for hosting a Hinterland Family Reunion in yikes....4 weeks!

I am hearing…Coleo drummin' and the Hubs jammin on guitar.

Around the house much to do, so little time (the aforementioned reunion)

One of my favorite things...smiley happy children. A smiley happy husband.

A few plans for the rest of the week
...see above....lots of To Do lists in the works. The Hubs got a freebie day of vacation for tomorrow (manager directed day off) so hopefully it's a good one being home together without the distraction of all 4 kiddos being home too. We haven't been running in sync the past few days...we need to get back on track.

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Wendy said...

Have a great day tomorrow... Dan's coming home then too... YAY! I'm happy that Jack did so well at his graduation... that's just awesome!


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