Thursday, June 4, 2009

All things...


I love anytime I can spend browsing thru IKEA. Surprisingly, it does not feed into my feelings of discontentment - rather it feeds my inspirations.

The Hubs called me up mid morning yesterday and said he was tired of working and did I want to play hooky and do our IKEA "run"? The answer of course was a big fat YES!!!!

See, I have been contemplating filling one whole wall of my living room with brown/black Billy create a built in library look and have been waiting for a free day when I could make the 70 minute drive and and back myself...but this was even better. My favorite store with my favorite people!

Our living room has been kind of the "catch all" multi-purpose room since we moved into this house nearly 8 years ago, housing a desk for the kid's computer, misc art, a bookcase with toys, puzzles and games and a hodge podge of furniture. And I am ready to start moving forward to make it look a little more "intentional".

So we did our part to help stimulate the economy and bought ourselves a van full of bookcases...along with cushions and pillows for our deck furniture, a bunch of kitchen trinkets, and all sorts of other goodies!

It was a great day together....I love short road trips with my husband...and Jaxon was along for the ride and was an absolute gem the whole day. We had lunch (Swedish meatballs of course!), browsed the whole store, filled my big yellow bag full of all sorts of goods, and then made our way to the warehouse to load the cart with 2 talls, 3 shorts and a whole mess of doors. I am so excited!

Before and after pictures will be posted as soon as they are all assembled!

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Wendy said...

I haven't been to IKEA yet... but it does sound like a fun shopping trip!


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