Sunday, January 31, 2010

answered prayers...

Just wanted to post a quick update.  First off, thank you so much for your words, feedback, advice, hugs, and prayers.  It truly means more than anything to us.  

We contacted the math teacher and gifted specialist (and cc:ed the 7th gr counselor who we'd already had some interaction with) on Monday via email.  We explained that we felt that moving him back down to grade level math mid-year would do more harm emotionally than any good, even if it means he ends up with a C or worse on his report card.  His heart and emotional state are so much more critical to think about over any grade.   They were both very understanding, his math teacher esp had very kind things to say and said she would try to be more mindful of his and his classmates interactions from here on out to try to nip any problems she might see in happening in her class.  We have a plan in place to be overseeing his school work general a bit more, especially math to guarantee he doesn't slip thru the cracks again.   We had also contacted his band teachers regarding some issues he had in band a few weeks ago with similar response.

So our next step is to send a personal note to his other three academic teachers and include an asst principal/principal in those, just to get them all on the same page.  We are encouraged by the responses we've had so far and will pray that his other four teachers can join us and ultimately help Coleo feel like someone's got his back. 

We have also submitted an application to transfer to a smaller "choice" middle school available in our district  We won't know whether we get in or not for next year until mid February.   And we will let Coleo decide if that's the route he wants to go. 

We are also looking into a couple of different extracurricular activities to plug him into and are hoping that will help too.  Some martial arts stuff (he is very interested in Hapkido and weaponry) and also a community service-based youth drum corps. 

Again, we are so thankful to know so many are praying for him and supporting us so faithfully.  Please continue to pray for our communications with his teachers and for that friend...we know there's gotta be someone out there for him!! 

love and hugs...

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Mom With Bipolar said...

This is very good news. I hope his year continues to improve.


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