Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ready. Very ready. Ever since it started staying light out later in the evening, and the nearly perfect spring we've had here in the Hinterland, I have been ready for school to be done. And I am almost certain I'm more ready for school to be done that my kiddos are.

No more crazy o'clock early mornings.  

No more strict bedtimes.

No more homework.

No more harried and rushed dinners thrown together.

No more forgetting to sign permission slips,and checking homework notebooks.

No more forgotten library books.

No more cranking about grades that could be better if they'd "just slow down, check your work and care a little more."

No more middle school crap, resulting in conversations with teachers, counselors and assistant principals.

No more spending an entire afternoon tooling around town in my mini-van delivering various kids to various activities.

No more after-school whining "but I'm soooo hungry" - all while cleaning out the cupboards an hour before dinner.

I so, so, SO can't wait. Only 9 days left.  We had  a beautiful campfire last night with a couple of friends to kick off the holiday weekend.  The rest of the weekend looks to be nearly perfect weather-wise,  I come Tuesday morning I will even more ready.   This year has flown by, and has pretty much been a giant whirlwind of busy-ness.

A couple summers ago, we took a laid-back, stay-at-home approach to summer and it was the best thing I ever did.  We bought a big blue pool, the kids met some new neighbors and we stayed put.  It was awesome. This year the kids will each do a week of camp, and that's pretty much it.  Not only is that easy on the budget, it's easy on all of us.  We are even taking a break from formal music lessons.  Most days of the week we won't have anywhere we HAVE to go and I am so excited about that!  I am very much about spontaneous fun.  I am looking forward to a true mental health break where we are home enjoying (hopefully) each other's company.  The Hubs is even planning to work from home A LOT which means all sorts of goodness.

Summer here we come!


Mom With Bipolar said...

You have such a positive outlook on summer. I'm so happy for you. I, too, am looking forward to leaving behind the things you mentioned about school.

Anonymous said...

What fun summer plans - gloriously laid back!! Are your girls continuing gymnastics for the summer?

I've so enjoyed finding and reading your blog!!!


Tiff said...

Ready for summer here also! Sounds like a great summer ahead!

Cheri said...

You'll miss those days someday.
And you won't miss them at all. :)

Well said Karyn!


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