Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Family Fun

Here’s what our holiday weekend entailed here in the Hinterland…
Hospital discharge
Baby aspirin
Waterproof band-aids
Lots of Chillin’
Nice weather
Dinner and a movie at church
A Late night
Bad weather
More naps
Lots of screen
4th of July Parade in the rain
Toy Story 3
Trip to Target to stock up on junk food
Various junk food chocolate flavored cereals for dinner (the kids)
Cancelled fireworks because of the rain
Lots of fireworks and patriotic concerts on the big screen instead Another late night
Sleeping in
Cloudy and hot and humid
More rain
More waterproof band-aids
More swimming
Steaks and brats on the grill for dinner
Real fireworks (finally)
Another late night
Gratitude for a happy and mostly healthy family…


GregHint said...

Don't forget:

Holding hands
Eye contact across the room

...and of course "waking on a bike path, not a poop path"

Kar said...

those were some of my favorite moments...thanks for the remember.

TeamSabin said...

Just read your blog post.....hope all went well with Wren's surgery!
Thank heaven for great cardiovascular surgeon's!!!! What an incredible gift...

We need to get our families together someday!!! I think we could really have a blast!
We think of you and Greg with much fondness...now, you're all so "grown-up" with beautiful children....beautiful faith.....wow! where did the time go?!
You are covered in much prayer...the Sabin's


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