Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Happenin’s

We had a good weekend.  My "weekend" officially started with a fun Thursday night out with my friend JP.  She had blogged that she was weary and had a rough couple of weeks as a SAHM...saying she'd only had two moments in nearly 12 days where she wasn't with her kiddos.  Uffdah!!  My cure for that is an MNO... Momma's Night Out.  So Thursday night the kids and I had dinner at my parents (My Robot was traveling for work).  I left them there to hang out and drove into town and picked JP up. We headed downtown to wander the street market/fest that happens every Thursday night during the summer here in the Hinterland.   We strolled and chatted, listened to fun music, explored the vendors and artisan's offerings and people watched. Something we both seem to enjoy.

Once the fest wrapped up, we made out way up to a local pub and shared great conversation, tasty apps and our favorite beverages.   We closed the bar down (which isn't hard to do when last call happens at 11pm at this particular locale).  Tim the bartender even stopped by to personally see if we were "all set".   It was an extremely enjoyable night out.  I hope she thought so too. 

On Friday, I invited JP. back over to my house so our kiddos could play and we could have fun finding homes for some of my recent garage sale finds.   SO. MUCH.FUN!!!  We had a blast arranging and playing around with the strange multi-purpose space that is my living room.   It still needs a few more touches, but I loved watching her mind churn as she worked and could see the potential that I couldn't.  Can't wait to do it again.

Friday night, Wren and Jewel's gymnastics team had been invited to do an pre-game exhibition for our local collegiate league baseball team.  Boy, was that fun to see.  Level 4-10 gymnasts do tumbling passes down a path of mats laid out between the bleachers and home plate.  Here's some video I shot...they are in blue/silver leos with black shorts on the lower front mat.

We stayed for a good part of the game after they were done and enjoyed a beautiful summer evening watching America's pastime.  It was the first game I had been to since Coleo was a wee babe (back in the day, I actually sang the National Anthem at a couple of the games!)  

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid-back.  Jewel started coughing, running a low-grade temp and feeling pretty miserable all around.  Jaxon was also coughing and running a low-temp off and on.   My Robot arrived home from his 3 day trip to San Mateo, CA Saturday afternoon.  We welcomed him home and then went to our Saturday evening service at church. 

Sunday was a lazy, lazy day; Jewel napped and was still laid-up and feeling crummy, the dad and others went for a bike ride, played a round of catch and a swim.  The kids watched Toy Story.  We sat in the shade of a tree and enjoyed the day.   Grilled out for dinner and postponed our jaunt to Cold Stone to enjoy a treat on National Ice cream Day since Jewel wasn't in the mood for ice cream. 

Other than my sweetie pie Jewel not feeling well, it was a nearly perfect weekend full of everything and nothing. 

(ps...I took "The Littles" to the Dr. this morning.  Jewel has full blown pneumonia, Wren has an ear infection and Jaxon has bronchitis. FUN!!!  Can you say..."Zithro is in da' house!?!)

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