Friday, July 30, 2010

A Week in the Life…

Here are a few things that came down the pike in the Hinterland this week….

Fun with family
Sleeping in
More House cleaning
A Tupperware party…here at my house
Fresh salsa and guacamole
Flourless chocolate cake.
Fun the in the kitchen with kids
More guacamole
A broken washing machine
A possible $40 fix for the washing machine
Nope not fixed.
A morning at the laundro-mat (first time in nearly 20 years)
My Robot’s parents arriving for an extended stay (it’s a good thing!)
A funeral
Time with extended family
Another possible fix for the washing machine
Nope not fixed
Awesome night of band practice at church.  My Robot rocked it.
Researching a new washing machine
Buying a new washing machine
Shoveling mulch. so much mulch
Ordering out for pizza for dinner
Happy kids
Fun times with the grandparents
Sleeping in
Drinking favorite beverages
Being next to My Robot as much as possible

Life is good.

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