Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Happenin’s…

…Facebook style. meh.

Friday at 1:13am…just bid her sweetie pie a good night as he boarded his plane for the 15 hour overnight flight to Sydney, Australia.  (he’ll be gone 10 days…..much sadness)

Friday at 1:23 pm…wonders if taking the kiddos to one her favorite places on earth counts as being the "fun" mom?  (IKEA makes me happy and eating out makes me happy.  So eating out, at IKEA, with my kiddos is my idea of being a fun mom)

Friday at 1:45pm… had lunch at IKEA with the kiddos today…

lunch at IKEA

(we had a great time shopping too, it was their first time actually browsing the store, and were amazed how they could build entire model apartments INSIDE the store.) 

Friday at 10:03pm… I linked to a blogpost from My’s about a song written very long ago and now finally dedicated to our beautiful girls. (oh how I love this man)

Friday at 11:34pm… is a little freaked out about all the posts I've seen re: tornado warnings, sightings, storms etc today while we are not home. Thinking a call to the neighbors is in order tomorrow morning for a status on our house!!  (All is well.)

Saturday at 9:47pm…enjoyed spending the day tending and caring for her sweetie pie toddler-aged niece, but is also kinda glad she is not a momma to a toddler anymore.  (s-i-l’s youngest brother got married, the girlies and I attended as “the nanny” for my 21 mo old niece, Kaylen. Beautiful day, lovely wedding, but very tiring!) 

Saturday at 9:49pm…is now really hoping to connect with her husband via skype or AIM...even he's probably out to lunch...literally..since it's lunchtime on Sunday for him.

Saturday at 11:17pm…still nothing...wonder what he's up to on HIS Sunday afternoon? really don't like going a whole day without at least IMing with her honey...oh well....too tired to stay awake much longer trying.

Saturday at 6:20 am…Finally a message from my sweetie….
Dear Wife, I am truly sorry for not connecting. I missed your posts and everything. I was on a LONG walkabout in the Blue Mountains. If I can stay up 3 more hours maybe we can connect otherwise I'll wake up tomorrow and IM you for sure. Love you lots!!! I actually can't quite believe I'm so far away.

 (We did finally connect, via Skype and AIM…missing him so much)

Sunday at 10:49pm…is finally back home from a very tiring, but very fun weekend!    (I decided to spend an extra night in the big city and not rush home late after the wedding Saturday night like I’d planned.   So Sunday was spent sleeping in, relaxing, chatting and general merriment with the brother and family…)


GregHint said...

I loved seeing this summary. Loved the IKEA photo. I think it was on purpose to make sure they had fun so you can take them EVERY time we go to mpls :-)

Miss you lots.

Such The Spot said...

What a great post. I might have to zoink your "Facebook style" idea sometime!

I've never been to an IKEA store. I want to now, though!


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