Thursday, August 16, 2012

in which I try to explain my absence

let me count the ways...

...multiple 22 mile roundtrip drives each day.
...multiple 14 mile roundtrip drives each day. active 8 yr old begging for playdates and attention 
...the usual laundry, dishes and feeding hungry children.
...Attempting to prepare for the journey of teaching my 11 yr old/6th grade twin gymnastics crazy girls at home via an on-line school. repairs x2. 
...a broken dishwasher. 
...the Olympics.  ahem. 
...not having learned the lesson of saying "no" more often ~ I am seriously in over my head. 

Days gone by too fast...too busy.

Even more than missing writing the occasional blog, I have missed the chance to sit on a friend's back deck with coffee. She has a beautiful back yard sanctuary.  I have missed the chance to read more than one book.  (Does the one on CD I listened to each day in my van count as reading?)  I have missed garage-saleing.  We have missed opportunities to spend time with friends.  We kinda sorta owe at least three friends dinner out.  We have made it to the pool, but missed out on campfires.   And there have been too few naps in the shade.  My flowers are all dying because I forget to water.  Our 1st attempt garden produced exactly 4 tomatoes and 2 zucchini.   

So much to do and so little gets is that possible?   

Let me count the ways.  

ps...We head out for vacation next week, which will be fabulous, but takes me away from home.  My comfort.  Away from the friends we want to spend time with. Away from our kitty.   Away from the list of projects that were waiting for summer to be completed.    


Janelle said...

It is a busy season and you are tending to your family, while not always easy, your children won't forget what you are doing for them. I hope and pray that you are able to find peace and rest, and perhaps next summer you will be able to do all of the things you want to do. :) Hang in there!

lizzi was here! said...

When the miles pile up, as we both know, I remind myself of the days when I had no car or money to put gas in.
When one of my children are needing me, I stop & remind myself that there will NEVER be this time to ting you know they are gone!
The laundry, dishes & cleaning is NEVER near done...and a broken appliance is enough to send any mother into an abyss.
Learning to say "NO" is quite simply a response to how it serves you--easier said than done. BUT, with practice, you become the QUEEN! LOL!
As my mother said, when you come through the other side of raising children, you will find the truest, bestest friends of your life. And coffee, garage saleing, campfires & everything else we "missed out on" truly means SO MUCH more. Remember--TIME is perspective. And if you are chasing time than you are not present. And HE wants you to be present. It's all just stuff that has no filling if you're not present. And here's the thing, even though you neglected watering the still had a small harvest. Proof that despite the business of it all, something, in addition to all the love you have for your family & friends, that those vegetables still grew. Keep spreading the love Karyn.


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