Tuesday, September 25, 2012

19 years and counting...

My Dear Husband,

Today we celebrate 19 years of marriage.  19 years of marriage and 26½ years of being together.  There were so many of those early days before we were married when we were far apart - separate schedules, separate cities, and sometimes separate countries. But through it all, there was truly never a day (even when I was making stupid choices and thought I didn’t need you) that I pictured my life without you in it.  

September 1992
(just a couple weekends before we got engaged!) 
I love growing old together - side by side - hand in hand - laughing and crying and yelling and smiling together.  The added creases around our eyes and smiles reminds me of all the fun and silliness and inside jokes we share.  The grey in our hair shows me all the trials and stresses that have only brought us closer and make me so thankful for all the goodness. 

I love the way you love me. I love when you tell me I look pretty.  I love the way you love and care and provide for our crazy, beautiful family.  I love the music you create and I love sharing that music together.  I love how crazy smart you are. I love how you pursue excellence in everything you put your mind too.  I love how focused you can be when something gets into your brain.  I love holding your hand; it makes me feel safe.   I am thankful for the hard days because they make the good ones even better.  I am so very thankful to be your partner in this life. 
June 2012

Today, I thank God for making you and me into “us”.  



Janelle said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple!

Jules said...

So gorgeous! I love it.

Jules said...

Such a gorgeous tribute - lovely :)

lizzi was here! said...

SO rare is a love like yours. So hard is the labor of nurturing love. So wonderful to be around your energies! Here's to the next 20!!


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