Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol Top 13

What??? The music of Michael Jackson? Didn't the judges say to every single contestant that attempted MJ's music in the last few weeks to NEVER try to sing MJ? And now they are subjecting us to an entire night of it? Really?

Kinda fun intro having the judges make a grand entrance like that. Well then, off we go...

Lil Rounds (The Way You make Me Feel) OOO! I Like!! very much. An excellent start to the show. She made it her own song. I'm a little afraid she is bit like Fantasia tho? But I like her very very much. Way to go Lil!! I agree with Simon on one thing, I don't care so much for the white pleat front pants...but the color of her top is beautiful on her.

Scott MacIntyre (Keep the faith) Nice. I like his style and confidence behind the piano...I don't know if he can take the whole thing, but I like him. It was a good song choice for him, and it's an MJ song that I like!

Danny Gokey
(PYT) Love.him. that's all I have to say.

Michael Sarver (You're Not Alone) hmmm...I like him, but I don't think he has the chops to stick around for very long unfortunately, esp compared to the first 3.

Jasmine Murray (I'll be there) yikes.

Kris Allen (remember) I liked what I saw

Allison Iraheta (be good to me) from the few seconds I caught (was putting kids to bed)....over done and over sung. And the whole outfit and look was a bit much for me.

Anoop Desai (Beat it) A bit karaoke for me. I honestly haven't made up my mind about him. Judges agree. He missed the mark tonight.

Jorge Nunez (never can say good-bye) Huh. this one fell really flat for me. Nothing interesting about it. very forgettable.

Megan Joy Corkrey (Rockin Robin) She is still doing that weird hippy shake thing. I don't like her. She's look uncomfortable. I don't get it. Why would she pick a be-bopper song, when she is obviously a little bit more rocker? I don't like that "unique and quirky" voice.

Adam Lambert (Black & White) I am very excited to see what he can do. There is a little conflict with him for me...he's got this rocker persona and look. With an Elvis snarl, can rip thru those vocal runs better than anyone, but then occasionally slips into this kind of bad 80's hair band thing. I really like, but a few of those things need to gel together for me. I agree, he is a natural born performer, I just don't get how they keep saying he's "the most current" when he slips into that hair band thing. But I do like him and think he'll go really far.

Matt Giraud (Human Nature) Another piano guy. I like. He has a Justin Timberlake-ish-ness about him. And I don't really care so much for Justin T.) Aha. Randy agrees with me!

Alexis Grace (Dirty Diana) I love this girl from the get go! I hope she nails it. Ok...pretty good. Song choice is questionable. I loved the power vocal stuff...but agree that she over-sang some parts of it. Loved the soft moments, loved the look, but yes, a few bits of it were a little much. She is another one that is a natural born performer tho and would love to see her in the finale.

Best of show? Lil, Adam, Danny, Alexis
Ho-hum and goin' home? Jasmine? Jorge? Anoop?


Wendy said...

I never get to watch the shows until way after the fact so I can't comment on that. But that weird shake thing has got to go...Please tell me if I do something weird on stage like that...It makes me uncomfortable when she does it!

Cheri said...

weird shakes make me uncomfortable too. Neither of you ladies do any weird shakes. Thank you for that. :)


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