Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our drummer boy...

Coleo had his first ever school band concert tonight. He's playing percussion and loves it. It's the first thing in his 12 years that he has been passionate about. He's not driven by sports, especially if it involves being a part of a team. We tried, and encouraged, but athletics just aren't his thing. Music is obviously OUR thing so we certainly weren't going to discourage him. Plus, some kind of music instruction is required in 6th grade, band, orchestra or general music.

He decided last spring, at the end of 5th grade, that band was his class of choice and drums were what he wanted to play, so we immed
iately got him signed up for private lessons to help "level the field" so to speak for him getting chosen to be in the percussion section for 6th grade band. Apparently, percussion is pretty popular and there are only a few spots to fill. Well, for once things worked out for him and he was chosen for percussion. yay!

He has
continued with the private lessons as well and he is doing great.

So tonight was the 6th grade Spring Band Concert. (The mandatory concert that was on the school schedule from the first day -miss it without a pretty good excuse and you fail band, kind of mandatory). I bought the black pants, white shirt and a new pair of all black skater shoes to wear. The new shoes cost more than the pants and shirt combined - thanks to Savers - cuz heck if I am gonna pay full price for clothes he will were just this once. I'm thrifty like that!

Doesn't he look sharp?

I have to admit tho, I was excited for him, but a little anxious about sitting thru even a few minutes of a 6th grade band concert, ya know what I'm saying? Yikes.

Lo and behold, they were good! I would even venture to say they sounded
pretty great. Especially when the band teacher announced that they had only played thru their entire song set together as a full band a couple of times this week! WOW!

There were only a f
ew little honks and squeaks that didn't belong (from the trumpets and clarinets mostly, NOT the drums), but my goodness, are we proud of our very own drummer boy.


Cara said...

So fun!!! I remember my 5th grade band concert. I also remember little Cole always wanting to play with drum sticks :) glad he stuck to his "guns"

Cheri said...

Very cool! We dreaded all the band concerts too...but were usually pleasantly surprised.

Good job on shopping Savers!
I bought Nate a complete tux at Good Will for prom for $15!!


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